The hospitality and tourism industry is one of the hardest-hit industries in this unprecedented time of COVID-19 pandemic and market crisis. Apart from that, economic downturn and decreased consumer expenditure are also the main short-term challenges in this industry. Most boutique hotels and resorts strive to handle price wars, occupancy drops, and difficulties to decrease the rates. Thus, organizations in this industry should carefully analyze and creatively act towards consumer behavior patterns, perception, expectation, and growing trends to avoid other long-term challenges. Thus, the Hospitality management consulting services in Nepal is an important tools required to succeed.

Greentick offers Hospitality management consulting services in Nepal. Greentick believes each organization involved in the hospitality industry is an independent and unique business that requires distinctive business solutions. In this sector, we have provided human resource consulting services to our clients and assisted in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and setting-up local business partnerships. They preferred us for their critical decision points, as we have developed and maintained enterprise value together with our experts experienced in working with various branded hotels, destinations, and resorts. For effective implementation of new processes, practices, and services in the organization within this industry, we have specialists in technology operation, finance, human resource, sales, and marketing.