The organizations involved in the development sector are key to societal, economic progress, and well-being. These development sectors steps in when government and other organizations are not able to support underserved societies. However, these organizations are always under pressure to lead considerable cultural and operational transformation in completely new environments. They even face complex funding landscapes during intensified public analysis and anticipations. As a result, management consulting services in Nepal have increase in importance over these development sectors.

Greentick provides development management consulting services in Nepal. We have assisted our clients involved in the development sector with human resource consulting services to map with their objectives, facilitated in multi-dollar agency’s financial consulting to fulfill their requirements, and related services. We have also closely worked with social, development, and government sectors that are trying to create a positive influence on our society. Our qualified experts have deeply assessed the organizational structure, designed role descriptions, developed leadership teams with capabilities and assurance for making the organizations successful.