Please be updated with us. At greentick, we are always looking for talented, creative, flexible and hard-working people to join our team.

Full Time
Posted 2 weeks ago

Job Description: Develop and maintain timely and accurate financial statements and reports that are appropriate for the users and in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). Provide strategic financial input and leadership on issue affecting the organization. Present monthly and year-to-date financials with accompanying analysis of results. Develop, implement, and ensure compliance with internal […]

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Full Time
New Baneshwor
Posted 2 weeks ago

Job Description: To assist in understanding business objectives and design surveys to discover prospective clients preferences. To undertake statistical analysis and research. To carry out Quality Management System (QMS) activities within the organization for effective implementation of the organizational system. To work with the seniors in the collation of information and to ensure deadlines are […]

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Full Time
Posted 2 months ago

Job Description: Oversee all operations and business activities to ensure the business produces intended results. Provides strategic direction and leadership to employees. Develop & implement strategies for successful accomplishment of the business targets. Execute a complete range of marketing and business development activities and to formulate, strategies and coordinate the business development activities of the […]

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Note: Candidates with a valid driving license will be preferred. Salary will not be a bar for the deserving or experienced candidates. Please fill up the Online Form as mentioned above.

Why greentick?

In greentick, professional as well as fresher will develop a sense of passion towards achieving his/her respective departmental objectives. Therefore, within a short span of time, he/she will be able to enhance his/her career that will be rewarding and meaningful. Likewise, the exposure to the practical business problems, under the guidance of local/international expertise, will provide an opportunity to an individual to enhance his/her competencies necessary to be a top-notch expert in the related field.

People and Culture

Our effort is to create a positive and healthy work environment, where our employees can work
without any disturbances. Although our work pattern is Sunday to Friday from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm, we being a consulting firm a longer working hours may be required frequently. At times, the assigned team members may have to work for 16-18 hours round-the-clock in order to accomplish the given assignment. Therefore, we believe in favorable work atmosphere to boost up employees’ morale to get the work done efficiently, effectively and right on time.

At greentick, we invest in our employees’ career by ensuring that they are focused on the work that aligns with our clients’ requirements. The dedication and determination of our people help us to provide quality service to the clients, and generate a long-term relationship with them.

What we “Expect” from “You”?

  • Abide by the rules and regulations of greentick
  • Sense of belonging towards greentick
  • Respect towards the given work
  • Maintain professional ethics while working
  • Transparent towards achieving greentick’s vision
  • Ready to transfer skills and knowledge to colleagues and juniors
  • Focused on achieving respective departmental goal rather than personal goal while in work pattern mode
  • Abide by the commitment given at the time of hiring

Selection Process

To become our employee, an individual has to go through the following assessment processes once your application has been shortlisted.

  • Interview Preparation
  • Preliminary Round

The first round of interview is conducted by the Human Resource Department of greentick. Written examinations will be held as per the requirement.

selection processes

Free Consultation

Contact us if you have any queries. Our highly experienced team of professionals are here to help.