The aviation market has always been driven by the growing domestic & international tourists, the development of cities as global corporate hubs, and robust evolution in external trade. Unfortunately, the global pandemic has presented as one of the greatest challenges in the aviation industry’s history. However, most economists do believe that after the post-COVID-19, the aviation industry will be on the rise again, because of the widening middle-class demography, increased travel & tourism avenues, and potential development in the global trade. In addition, aviation industry management consulting in Nepal does face increasing complexity with increased fuel cost, competition, inefficient operations, and many more.

To begin with, Greentick’s agriculture management consulting business experts in Nepal have wide-ranging experience in assisting companies from stakeholders of small to medium domestic agricultural businesses to substantial multinational organizations. Our experts are experienced in data insights capabilities such as the Internet of Things (IoT), big data analytics, the cloud systems that have helped agricultural producers to be always connected with their operation. In addition, We assisted our clients in enhancing agri-food systems from a global perspective by creating a groundbreaking idea, multi-disciplinary knowledge, a nuanced awareness of the private sector, and world-class analytics. With our advice and consulting services, many entrepreneurs/companies have attained the transformational change,that is essential to understand ahead of changing customer requirements, growing agronomic movements, and digital interruptions.