Data management consulting in Nepal has become essential for every business, as enterprises have started to operate on a global scale. The data center industry is emerging as demand from various organizations has started to surge up. However, the data center does face various challenges to keep its services constant. Major challenges faced by most data centers are excessive energy consumptions, improper planning for capacity utilization, poor staff management, longer recovery periods, growing security concerns, ineffective monitoring of assets, and many more.

Greentick has assisted our clients involved in the data center industry by analyzing, organizing, and determining a precise view of all challenges faced by them. We provide best Data Centre management consulting services in Nepal. We have implemented Information Security Management Systems ISO 27001:2013, conducted a vulnerability assessment and penetrating testing (VAPT), and internal audit for our clients involved in this industry. Our experts are qualified and experienced in industrial standards, physical infrastructure, data center life cycle solutions, and services. We have also analyzed data center deployment that includes a complete facility assessment, mapping of physical deployments within the IT stacks, by implementing precise solutions like data recovery, colocations, cloud services managed services, and many more.