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HR Compliance Review

We provide comprehensive assistance and guidance in HR Compliance Review to ensure an organization’s compliance with HR regulations and best practices. We offer expertise in employment laws, HR policies, record-keeping compliance, and employee classification. Our services include reviewing and updating HR policies, ensuring legal compliance, advising on record-keeping requirements, improving hiring practices, providing guidance on employee classification, assisting with benefits and leave compliance, offering information on workplace safety regulations, and reviewing the organisation’s employee handbook for effectiveness and compliance. Mainly, our goal is to support you in maintaining a compliant and fair workplace while mitigating risks.

Employer of Record Service

We serve as a trusted partner in our Employer of Record Service to simplify and streamline organisations’ hiring and employment processes, particularly in situations where the organisation may have international or remote team members. As an EOR, we take on the legal and administrative responsibilities of being the official employer for the organisation’s employees, handling tasks such as payroll processing, tax withholding, benefits administration, and employment contracts. We also facilitate navigate complex and evolving labor laws, ensure compliance with local regulations, and provide support with employee onboarding and off-boarding. With our EOR service, organsiations can focus on their core business while ensuring a smooth and compliant employment experience for their team.

New HR Set Up

We offer comprehensive assistance in establishing and optimizing organizations’ human resources processes and systems. Our services include designing and implementing an efficient HR framework tailored to an organization’s needs. This involves creating job descriptions, designing salary structures, developing employee handbooks, establishing performance management systems, implementing HR software, and setting up recruitment and onboarding procedures. We also guide organizations in ensuring compliance with employment laws and regulations. With our New HR Set-up service, we lay a solid foundation for managing and nurturing the organization’s workforce right from the start.

Staff Outsourcing Service

We offer comprehensive support in managing an organization’s staffing needs. Whether the organization requires temporary replacements, project-based assistance, or long-term staff augmentation, we help them locate and onboard qualified professionals. We also assist in identifying the skills and expertise the organization requires, sourcing suitable candidates, conducting interviews and assessments, and facilitating the onboarding process. Moreover, we handle administrative tasks such as payroll, benefits administration, and compliance with employment regulations. By leveraging our staff outsourcing service, the organization can streamline their hiring process, ensure access to top talent, and focus on core business activities.

Employee Survey

We offer practical support to help organizations gather valuable insights and feedback from their staff members. Through our Staff Survey service, we assist in designing customized questionnaires and conducting surveys that prioritize confidentiality and anonymity for participants. With well-designed survey forms and carefully planned data collection methods, we help organizations assess employee satisfaction, engagement, and identify areas for improvement. By utilizing our Staff Survey service, organizations can gain a deeper understanding of their workforce, promote employee well-being, and make informed decisions to enhance their organizational culture.

Professional Training Service

We provide comprehensive assistance to equip individuals or organizations with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in their respective fields. We offer a wide range of training programs tailored to unique requirements. Additionally, we assess the effectiveness of the training through evaluations and feedback mechanisms. By leveraging our Professional Training Service, organizations can empower their workforce, foster continuous learning, and stay ahead in a rapidly evolving professional landscape.