Hike in Agriculture: Nepalese Agricultural Products in International Market

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Agriculture management in Nepal

Agriculture has always been back warded in Nepal for the past few decades. Despite having thousands of farmers working hard every day. The government is still not able to properly maintain the supply chain that takes the agricultural goods to the market. More than half of the population relies upon agriculture but still, our country is blackened in this sector. The government has a major role in this scenario happening in Nepal. The government needs to focus on Business Plan Development and encourage farmers.

Although the agriculture industry lacks innovation and new technology, many citizens have taken the industry to the next level. One of the companies in Nepal has set a benchmark by exporting Nepalese agricultural products in the international markets of UAE. Nepalese citizens work in about every sector in Qatar. Similarly, through them, the company was able to establish networks with higher-ups who make procurement decisions.  Nobody believed that it is possible at the beginning. But once people understood the requirements and possibilities, even farmers are doing their best to help them.

Nepalese Agricultural Products management in International Market

Since the Nepalese Company has set a remarkable example, many youths have been very enthusiastic and investment in agriculture has increased. Investors are seeking help from agriculture management consulting in Nepal. For every individual, fresh food and vegetables have been the basic need. This is why investment in agriculture has gradually increased and people are engaging in farming as well. Moreover, it seems to be a good sign of development as people are uplifting the agriculture industry.

However, if you are going for the business then there are many things to look after in the agriculture industry. Harvesting, collecting, and shipping done accurately  Focusing on harvesting and delivering qualitative products can summon a high amount of profit in the agricultural business. Following the international standard of food and agriculture. There is a high potential that Nepal could deliver qualitative food in the national and international market as well.

Agricultural commodities export from Nepal are gaining demand in both domestic and international markets. Besides this, some of the subsectors have done extremely well in terms of demand rate. Currently, six subsectors are gaining popularity and market opportunity in domestic and global (export) markets. Improved seeds, Fruit, Tea, Spices, Dairy, and MAPs processing are some of the growing market opportunity for agricultural commodities.

Agriculture consulting in Nepal

Even though the government and regulatory bodies are not able to maintain the supply chain, the support towards the agricultural business is getting improved. Agriculture management consulting in Nepal provides assistance in investment and support. The public spending has also increased almost 5-fold in the past few decades. The government is also promoting SME level agricultural entrepreneurs and attracting other private sector investments towards this industry. A free-market approach to policy and regulation along with incentives has grabbed the attention of many private sector firms in the agricultural sector.