Tourism in Nepal: How to Bounce Back?

Tourism service industry in Nepal greentick

Tourism Service Industry in Nepal

The major tourism activity in Nepal includes adventure and wilderness. Trekking, Hiking, Rafting, Canyoning, Mountain Climbing, Bird Watching, Paragliding, Mountain Sight Seeing flights, Rock Climbing, Bungee Jumping, Zip Lining, Swings, Jungle Safari and many more are some adventures of Nepal. Nepal is capable to attract many local and International tourists due to various adventure sports and adventurous places. An adventure like Honey Hunting, Rock climbing, and mountaineering in Nepal has been massively popular and many tourists want to try this adventure.

How to bounce back after pandemic

Tourism Service industry is the highest source of foreign exchange in Nepal. Nepal is home to 10 of the highest mountain peaks. Recently Bahraini Prince Mohamed Hamad Mohamed Al Khalifa arrived in Nepal for mountaineering. Bahrain Crown Prince with a team of 15 royal guards have successfully climbed the peak of Mt Manaslu and Mt Lobuche as a trial before attempting to ascend Mt Everest in 2021. This shows the possibility of success in the Nepalese tourism sector. The arrival of the prince has set an example that even in this pandemic period. One can still have travel adventures by following the safety guidelines set by the respective nation.

The recent figure of COVID-19 fatalities has been decreased than before. People started to get back to the normal state again. This may not be the right time to push the tourism sector. But with the least fatalism and COVID cases in Nepal. The Tourism sector can still uplift the industry following the safety and security guidelines that has been set by the government.

For all the nation worldwide, an unstable economy is a major problem for most of the country including Nepal. In this situation, the Tourism Industry of Nepal should introduce a strategic plan to attract tourists to the country. Many Asian countries like Maldives and Thailand have started to welcome international tourists for vacation. Maldives declares that many of their islands has zero COVID cases till date. Which is safe for tourists to travel and spend their vacation time.


Another Strategic plan that the tourism sector can plan to do is attract foreigners for investment by maintaining standards. Showcasing and advertising the places where there is adventure and possibility of development and investment can benefit the country along with rise in FDI. The arrival of Bahrain Prince has already caught the eyes of many international tourists and it shows that Nepal can still run the tourism industry vigorously. While the country’s economy is degrading Nepal has the potentiality to hold the economy with the tourism industry.