How Technology is Helping in Covid-19 Pandemic

Information Technology IT and Security in pandemic greentick

Information Technology IT and Security in Pandemic

With the rapid increase in corona virus cases, people are not able to leave their homes. Due to which they have been facing many problems in their day-to-day life. Nevertheless, as a result of technology advancements in modern day, it has been possible to provide basic requirements and professional services to people in need during such crisis. In recent months, information technology IT and security is helping people in the fight against the COVID-19 Pandemic via engaging them in day-to-day activities. Workers, IT support and Service Providers, Bankers, Teachers, Students, etc. are all engaged in their respective task remotely. Hence, different initiatives are providing different innovative technological solutions, therefore technological growth is rapidly increasing and these solutions will surely make our future brighter. Few instances of how information technology IT and security is helping in the COVID-19 pandemic period are as follow for knowledge-sharing.


The first impact of coronavirus has taught us an impact in the educational sector. Governments are urging educational institutions to keep shut for containment in virus spread. With the virus mutating in new strains for over a year, the education of young students is at great risk. In response to significant demand, e-learning platforms are offering free access to their services to the students. Service providers like Udemy, Intershala, google and edx, as well as governmental e-learning applications are facilitating students to study online. Indeed, this is providing a platform for teachers and students to be creative. At the top, students are enhancing their skills in subjects of their interest. Even, the educational institutions are implementing these technologies in their curriculum to provide the students with an extraordinary learning experience through an online learning environment.

Big Data Analytics

A large volume of data and record of patients are being followed during pandemic and stored via Information Technology IT advancements maintaining security. Record of admitted patients, vaccinated patients, medicines provided, and available beds are few examples of large-scale data that needs to be stored for reference. And this requires large storage space and the information flow needs to be very quick. Advancements in cloud storage are helping to store all of those data and providing secure and quick access to these data from anywhere.


On the verge of the fight against pandemics, large pharmaceutical companies are tremendously working hard to find a cure. This requires the collection of data from around the world including the characteristics of mutated strains of the virus. Technological advancements are increasing the performance of these companies in efficient way. Data computation has become faster and data sharing through the cloud is a boost. These computations provide different aspects and possibilities in approach to finding a cure by bringing brilliant minds around the world together. Moreover, it helps to analyze patterns, trends, associations, differences and reveal insights on viruses. With detailed data capturing, storing, and managing capability, big data minimizes the risk of spreading this virus.

Role of Artificial intelligence (AI)

AI is also playing its part during the pandemic situation. AI is being used in different sectors for the identification of disease clusters, monitoring new cases, examining human behavior, and change in social structure. It is used for the prediction of future outbreaks, mortality risk, diagnosis of approach to prevent calamity. It predicts early warning signs and provides support for early response and remedy of incidents or pandemics.
As a preparation for next pandemic situation, AI can support on mobile health applications where smart devices like mobile phones, smart watches, cameras and range of wearable device can be used or set for contact tracing, diagnosis and efficient monitoring.
Moreover, AI detects cases from blood sample reports, x-ray and CT scan images of the patient. AI based systems will help in reducing the work burden of medical staff and healthcare workers by automating several processes.

Robots and Drones

This Pandemic makes to realize the world how heavily we rely on human interactions to make things work. It provides a strong message for a need in the implementation of robots and research on robotics. Application of Robots to fight the coronavirus outbreak is huge. In China, robots work  as support system to deliver medicine and food, disinfect rooms, and hotspots without direct interaction with patients. Furthermore, Drones deliver medical supplies, patrol in the public areas, track non-compliance to quarantine the patient, and so on.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain is a digital ledger technology that is used to record online transactions. It is regulated through a consensus mechanism and it is secured with cryptographic technique. This technique is mainly in use in the digital payment or transaction system. For example, a smartphone application that leverages blockchain technology. It gives each participant a digital identity controlled by a private key that brings access to a digital version of paper certificates. Blockchain is preventing manipulation of data by unauthorized people or parties. Consequently, this technique helps to make the digital payment system more secure. In addition, this also gives a positive message for the wide use of digital transactions and generates trust among the users.

Risk Factor and IT Audit

The talk on advantages of technology in use today is a very small thing to do. As it is solving lots of our issues, are we considering the after-effects of pandemics in technology? In fact, people are neglecting the vulnerabilities and issues of tomorrow in search of solutions for today. Organizations are showing commitment to performance management that they may be compromising in security, privacy, financial and data. The effects of a pandemic are getting huge every day with new mutating strains resulting in an increase in the use of technology. Hence, there is a need for top priority required to perform internal or external IT Audit regularly in whatever forms possible.


Finally, there is no doubt that this pandemic has become a real-life test for everyone in the world. The impact is huge and human lives are on the line. In addition, it has forced tech innovators to roll out advanced solutions. These innovations help people around the world to stay strong and believe in bright future ahead of us. As of now, the information technology IT and security is helping in covid-19 pandemic solutions a lot. An organization can also provide support through its commitment in providing information security to keep these people strong. Throughout the world, Health workers, Pharmacists, Researchers are working hard to keep us secure during pandemics. Now, it is time for the organization to keep its obligation towards keeping customer information secured during pandemic.