Ransomware Attacks: Prevention and Protection

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Information Security and Ransomware Attacks

Information Security in Ransomware attacks : Prevention and Protection is a practice to prevent hackers to exploit vulnerabilities and demand for extortion money. Ransomware is a kind of malware that removes the ownership of system and personal files from the users. Preventing them from using those files and the system. The hackers then demand for certain amount of money. Most commonly via the Cryptocurrency, to unlock those files and the system. Information Security and Ransomware attacks has become one of the greatest threats in information system recently. Whereas, there is no other choice than to fulfill the demands of hackers. Once infected, the hackers can encrypt the files which can only be decrypted by the hackers themselves. User are not allow to access the file.

The most common way to infect the system with ransomware is Social Engineering. User are force to click into unsolicited links/sites using various phishing technique. Such as, Email Phishing or Spear Phishing, which targets the top-level authority of an organization. Hacker are known as exploit “x-frame” vulnerability. Which creates an invisible layer of frame on top of the legitimate web application. When a user clicks on any link/button on that site. They redirect to the target set by the hacker.

Ransomware attacks: Prevention and Protection

The best way to be safe from Ransomware attacks is the user awareness against social engineering. In an organization, it is a prime duty of the IT department to educate users about social engineering. If necessary, they should even enforce strict security policies to prevent users from accessing potentially harmful links. They also enable the “x-frame-options” to “deny” or “same-origin” which will prevent hackers to exploit Clickjacking vulnerability. User do not like the strict policies. But, it is the only way to ensure security of the system.

Regardless, the users should always keep backup of their files in case of any cyber-attacks.