We provide extensive evaluation by comparing the security of your information system to a checklist of industry best practices, externally defined standards, or governmental legislation.
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Our security review/ audit checks if the information system of your organisation complies with a set of internal or external standards governing data security. Your organisation's IT rules, processes, and security measures are internal criteria and best international frameworks / standards such as ISO, NIST, COBIT, OWASP, SANS, HIPPA, PCI-DSS are examples of external criteria (NIST). Hence, we compare the actual IT procedures used by your organisation to the standards that apply to your organisation and identifies areas for improvement. We will show you your organisation's key information security weaknesses and show you where it is and is not meeting the standards your organisation has set for itself. Our Security Review/Audit service is designed in a way that it assists our clients in maintaining their Data Security and some of the key highlights of our service includes:

We purely focus on:

  • The physical elements of your information system and the surroundings in which it is located;
  • Network vulnerabilities, including assessments of information as it moves between various locations both inside and outside the network of your organisation; and
  • The human element, which includes how staff members gather, distribute, and preserve highly confidential information.