Our Cybersecurity awareness services is a continuous process that focuses on employee education and training that teaches employees about the dangers that lurk in cyberspace, how to stop them, and what to do in the event of a security crisis. With the help of cybersecurity awareness services, you can benefit in various diffenrent ways. It is also an preventive method for any kind of cyber attack which may occur in the near future.
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Additionally, it fosters in them a sense of proactive accountability for safeguarding the organisation's assets. Cybersecurity awareness is simply being aware of security hazards and taking precautions to minimize risks. Understanding cybersecurity includes being aware of the most recent security threats, cybersecurity best practices, the risks associated with using the internet, sharing sensitive information online, and other activities. Programs for raising security awareness increase your organization's security posture and tighten its processes, laying the groundwork for creating a more resilient company. For it to be most useful and effective, cybersecurity awareness must be a company-wide endeavour. Although many organisations have top-notch protection systems and precautions in place, security breaches sometimes happen. Sadly, a lot of data breaches have been caused by human mistake, which has been a major contributing element. Neglecting or failing to undertake cybersecurity awareness training on a regular basis can have major negative effects on your organisation, including fines, financial loss and remediation costs, loss of intellectual property, a tarnished company reputation, a loss of client trust, and others.

Our Cybersecurity Awareness Services is designed in a way that it assists our clients in maintaining the security of their organization. Some of the key highlights of our cybersecurity awareness services includes:

  • Awareness program on:
    • Email security;
    • Social engineering and Phishing;
    • Malware and Ransomware;
    • Browser safety;
    • Information protection;
    • Remote work guidelines;
    • Physical protection;
    • Secure removable media;
    • Password protection; and
    • Response to an incident.