Our IT health check aims to guarantee that your company's external and internal systems are secured against unauthorized access or modification and do not serve as a point of entry for unauthorized systems. Our service is designed in a way that it assists our clients in maintaining their IT security and IT assets.
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Some of the key highlights of our service includes:

External Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

  • We perform testing on external connections on the internet as well as any other systems such as email servers and web servers, as well as other systems that are in place to prevent unauthorized internet access into your organization;
  • We carry out testing on the systems that allows staffs to connect into your organization remotely. This remote access system normally involves VPN;
  • If your organization is depended on third party vendors, they may have access to and from your systems in their own location which should also be considered an external connection, therefore, we perform end to end penetration testing.

Internal Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

We conduct network and log analysis to determine insider threat by performing network pen test which will help to measure what an attacker could achieve with initial access to a network. This testing actually can mirror insider threats, such as employees intentionally or unintentionally performing malicious actions.
Even though your internal network is fully up-to-date and you only use the lastest tools to scan, vulnerabilities still exist. We carry out internal network vulnerability scanning and manual penetration testing to find these vulnerabilities so that we can prevent any malicious users from infiltrating your system.
We conduct red team exercise within internal network covering all scope i.e. IP ranges, Web application, API's Middleware and END user devices (workstation) to protect your organization against the top threats facing your particular industry, whether that is a data breach, a sophisticated ransomware attack, or an attack from nation-state actors.

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Social Engineering

When hostile actors want to breach the infrastructure of a network, social engineering is frequently more effective than traditional network/application exploitation. We use a combination of human and electronic methods to mimic attacks in order to help you become more prepared for this kind of strike. In human-based assaults, a reliable individual is impersonated in an effort to get access to client infrastructure, information, or both. Electronic-based attacks include the deployment of sophisticated phishing attempts created with precise business goals and discipline. Our social engineering tactics include our consultants masquerading as vendors, new employees, business partners, and more to entice staff into divulging sensitive information or permitting access to sensitive areas of the facility.

In this service, we act as.

Cybercriminals approach every interaction with the goal of learning firm information.
Try to catch a cyber-criminal by threat modeling, which identifies the data a cybercriminal would require and the area of the network they would target to obtain it.
Create a pretext (a hypothetical situation) to employ in carrying out the "attack."
Through telephone vishing, email phishing, and on-site attempts to circumvent physical security, try to evaluate your people, processes, and procedures.