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It is impossible for most organizations to update every employee’s performance, essential contributions, or mistakes of the whole year in this day to day hectic business life. Our mind tends to remember only in recent episodes. The fact that no one can deny is, in today’s most political office environment, only such a self-managed system, PMS services, can prevent partiality or injustice in order to provide genuine performance. Therefore, the Performance Management System (PSM) has become a necessity. greentick is one of the management consultancy that provides performance management service in Nepal.

Performance Management Consulting
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In fact, A better-defined Performance Management System that projects organizational goals are one of the key requirements that organizations desire in current business scenario. This can direct to a comprehensive change of business goals into departmental goals and additionally into individual employee goals, which followed by the review of their performance is Performance Management System (PMS). However, the disconnection between individual performance targets and overall business goals makes this process mechanical and a mere formality.

Our performance management service

We, greentick, can assist your organization with the total performance management process. Our Performance Management System will enable you to analyze, track, and monitor the performance of individual employees, departments, and the organization overall. We also provide PMS consulting services that fill the gap in the administration and make things more transparent. Furthermore, The PMS consulting services that are provided are arranged in a way, which is very effortless and simple to comprehend.

Meanwhile, The management will be able to give more time to their work rather than spending time manually analyzing each employee’s performance. Beginning with the development of the evaluation form(s) to be used in your organization’s PMS process; to the design and implementation of a PMS policy. We also provide the training to your supervisors and managers on the development of performance standards and measurement, pitfalls to avoid, and the advantages and disadvantages of rewarding employees with base pay, to name a few.

Further services in Nepal

Similarly, we also provide a Senior/Leadership level; Performance Management System linked with 360-degree feedback. This is an effective combination as it provides in-depth feedback on workplace behavior. Additionally, The multi-rater study is important in understanding the view of the group about the individual. Frequently, the response procedure is diluted at the senior level as people talk about what they think the other person wants to hear, rather than what they need to hear. As a result, 360-degree feedback can assist as the feedback is generated from various sources and comes anonymously; To summarize, it gives the Senior/Leadership team with accurately what they require: frank evaluations.