Consulting services on HR Management

If you are the business owner or at the top management position and thinking of taking your business into next level, meantime you are also worried for the current status of your human resource, up-gradation to the existing human resource system within your organization is a must. And then, We being the Consultant can smoothly handle such advancement. In fact, greentick provides best HR audit management consulting services in Nepal.

human resource management consulting
human resource management consul

Our Approach

To begin with, greentick provides quality service with compliance to standards on human resource HR audit management consulting in Nepal. We do not only facilitate in recruiting and staffing the right candidates by matching the requirements of both the employer and job seeker, our service also covers the wider aspect where we facilitate in human resource management, and provide the essential support by developing policy and procedures to improve level of communication within your organization, enhance employees’ efficacy, morale and their output.

This will further assist you in mapping out a strategic human resources plan for your organization as we focus on developing an overall HR plan by establishing HR departmental goals, targets and a strategic map for achieving the defined goals and target. Your existing HR program will also be redefined and that will help you not only with staffing but also with staff retention and future recruitment and selection. Moreover, In this regard, we develop the essential policies, rules, protocol and documentation which will support you in giving clear cut instructions for carrying out the needed HR functions. In addition, as we are well versed with the saying that practice makes man perfect, we ensure to create habits of implementing standard system practices within your HR department.

Our services on HR Management Consulting

Furthermore, As a consultant for HR audit management consulting in Nepal, we provide following services to our clients.

  • HR management recruitment service
  • HR management consulting
  • HR audit
  • Staff outsourcing service
  • HR manual and employee handbook development
  • Performance management consulting
  • HR setup
  • Employee consulting and counseling
  • Job description development
  • Outplacement services

Furthermore, these services provided by Green Tick Nepal Pvt. Ltd. as a management consultant, are provided on details to the links provided below.