Consulting for payroll outsourcing management service

It is the fact that payroll management is a vital aspect of a business but it is also true that payroll management is an immense and time-consuming task for any type of business. Moreover, a frequent change in payroll regulations makes the payroll managing tasks more daunting. Hence, if it becomes a hassle for you, we can facilitate in managing the whole function.

Payroll Outsourcing Management

greentick can completely handle all the obligations surrounding payroll outsourcing management service for your business – from the first entry to statutory obligations and deposit of payments. In addition, we are dedicated to offering a cost-effective, compliant, and secure payroll outsourcing service that fulfills your business requirements.


With our payroll outsourcing service, you also do not need to worry about non-revenue generating activities and administrative processes affecting your company’s productivity. Furthermore, Our service ensures accurate and prompt payroll processing, compliance with statutory obligations, employee and organization data confidentiality, controlled access to employee’s data, and a transparent communication process.


Our payroll outsourcing provides you the following benefits:

  • Reduce costs by removing software, labor, and overhead costs,
  • Save time so that employees can focus their efforts on your core business,
  • Minimize the compliance and legislative risks,
  • Protection of payroll data due to secure processes,
  • Receive access to a professional team of experts, and
  • Eliminate the risk of losing an in-house payroll employee.

In brief, We provide a flexible and customized payroll solution designed around your specific requirements. Our service differs from many other payroll service providers because it is:
Convenient: We provide our service by customizing it to your needs.
Strategic: We can also provide our payroll service by combining with HR advisory, tax planning, and employee benefits planning services to give you a complete strategic solution for all your staffing needs.
Professional: We have well trained and experienced employees who have extensive knowledge about payroll management, so you receive a more efficient and personal service.