Management consulting for outplacement service and advisory in Nepal

Do you know an outplacement service is an effective approach for smoothly transitioning employees from your organization? It actually facilitates employees to advance forward in the next chapter of their careers. As all professionals are aware that career transition is an equally emotional experience for both employees and employer.

outplacement services

Hence, at the process of redundancy, the approach of handling the transition can have an immense impact not merely on an organizations’ reputation, but also on existing employees’ morale and performance. greentick offers management and consulting of outplacement service and business advisory to the organizations in Nepal.

what we do

Being proactive in managing this change, you can reduce the repercussions from your laid-off employees during the transition phase, using outplacement services to provide them with skills to discover new opportunities. Hence, you can customize and choose from our available outplacement services depending upon your organizations’ specific requirements. Meanwhile, Through our outplacement services, we assist your employees to navigate organizational change with confidence, convenience, and excellent results.

Our services

Our outplacement services include:

  • Resume review and recommendations
  • Cover letter review
  • LinkedIn profile review and recommendations
  • Interview skills coaching
  • Job search techniques coaching
  • One-on-one interview preparation support
  • Post-interview support
  • Negotiation skills coaching

Our Outplacement Service offers a wide range of benefits to both the employer and the employee:

  • Empower laid-off employees in order to move on faster to the next stage in their professional lives.
  • Provide invaluable counseling sessions so as to ease the stress and fear accompanied with the loss of a job.
  • Increased productivity and morale from current employees who see the commitment of the company to their team even when they are displaced.
  • Promote the company’s reputation since the company is ensuring each terminated employee has been taken care to find a new position as soon as possible.
  • Strengthen overall employment branding and thus, reduces the negative impact to the employer.