Consulting service on Business management and Advisory

Business advisory service deals with all areas of business. Starting from managing finances to marketing your product or service more widely. The economic conditions are transforming continuously. As organizations try to grow while managing risks and obeying the laws, regulations, policies.

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Meanwhile, the organizations require more settled operations that will prioritize new market force. In additional, change management, innovation, and corporate governance. To face such situations organizations can always benefit from experts’ advice. Moreover, their accurate point of view can make all the difference. Hence, we offer practical help, advice, and support in specific business areas. In order to help and make a difference to business success.

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Our Service at Greentick

At greentick, we offer fact based business management and advisory service to assist organizations. Along, with the issues of strategy development as well as daily operations. We offer function related expertise in all the main business functions. As well as capability in enterprise wide view such as business performance management and business process outsourcing.

Apart from that, we also provide services of different matters such as new debt & debt restructuring, cash flow projections, shareholder agreements, buy & sell agreements, personnel recruiting, and reward planning.

Our goal is to help your clients become qualified for financing through your organization in the future. And we make that possible through different variety of advisory services provided by our team. Along with our Consulting experts.

Our talented professionals offer cost effective, value added solutions to develop the financial status of your organization. Also, the operations of the organization. Most importantly our team provides solution based services in the following areas:

Business planning
In this process, our advisors will conduct a business “health check” to analyze your options and choices. We map out the plan and assist you to accomplish your desired results. Depending on the life cycle of your business, we can create a plan for all business phases. From start up to growth and maturity. To sum up, continual improvement is very important after having a business plan. Sticking with the plan and working accordingly will be challenging. However, our business consultants are always ready to help you out of the problem.

Business strategy & development
At greentick we will help you by creating a personalized business strategy. To go with your organizational goals by minimizing waste. And arranging your purchasing, evaluating data, and make the best use of proposed opportunities. First step of business strategy is to do a SWOT analysis. Listing out all the strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats of the organization. During, the analysis our team at greentick will also conduct a gap analysis. This will help your organization to understand the loops hole and areas that needs improvements. Lastly, your organization can benefit by developing matching strategies for the opportunities.

Financial management
Financial management is planning, organizing, recording and leading the financial activities. Our advisors can provide a depth vision into the motion of your key business decisions. Firstly, by taking a deep analysis into your data and processing your financial information. Lastly, from the provided information, we then reduce risks, improve processes, and ultimately run profit.

Profit and growth improvement
As profit is the key to business success, we will work together with you to develop a complete strategy. This will assist you to achieve the right amount of growth, and survive any further challenges. Growth is necessary even if there is less profit or no profit at all. When growth is more focused then it is easier to gain profit for the organization.

Structuring advice
We provide services that focus on shaping to the right business structure. At fist, we make sure that you don’t risk setting up the business wrong form the start. Secondly, we suggest suitable plan and process for your organization. After that, the process will ensure satisfactory cash flow, maximize your return. Similarly we will assist you with your regulatory requirements.

Succession and estate planning
One of biggest misunderstanding is that both estate and succession planning are the same. Succession planning directly states to the actual business itself. Where, estate planning relates to all the belongings of an individual’s estate including any ownership interests in the business. Our business advisory service at greentick can help you to plan for the future engagement of your business. However, we provide various advisory solutions. Meanwhile, we also work as a partner to discover well structured continuity plan.

Growth and profit solutions diagnostic
We assure that our clients have successful business growth and profit. Certainly, our experienced team will support you on the areas that needs your focus and energy.