Management and Consulting service for job description development

Job description are more than just a compliance tool, as it is an essential factor in the association between employees and management. With the clear job descriptions, organizations can communicate expectations and ensure that the employees understand their responsibilities, roles, and opportunities for business expansion. greentick also provides job description development service to its clients.

Job Description Development
what we do

Key roles description

It is the fact that a comprehensive description of key roles within your organization delivers value in several critical areas:

To have discussions between the employees and employers. In addition, It provides an apparent understanding of the position’s key duties and responsibilities.

Performance Appraisals:
For measuring the employees’ performance against the standards for the job.
Salary Administration:
For developing the salary structure and proper arrangement of various positions.
Recruitment and Selection:
For indicating the right knowledge, skills, and abilities required to do the job successfully.
Training and Development:
For the development of the employees’ growth within the organizations.

Our service

We at greentick have a comprehensive Job Description Library that is updated consistently according to the best trending industry practices. We first analyze your existing job descriptions and then verify with regulatory compliance, the role in achieving organizational/departmental/specific process goals and the required knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform expected tasks efficiently. By assembling these critical information, we also assist you in updating/ creating job descriptions for your existing employees, new employees, or new positions respectively.

While providing you this service, our HR consultants will classify the position requirements in the organization, enhance and design the job description, and synchronize skill requirements for that position.
The appropriate job description permits the organization in order to precisely categorize what requirements are needed, and what kind of candidate can fruitfully accomplish the duties of that position. Not only that, we also provide a replacement, revision, and generate prominent level paper-based or digital job descriptions according to the needs of your organization.