Human Resource HR management consulting service

Our Human resource (HR) consulting or Human Resource HR Management consulting service extends from advisory and accomplishment activities interconnected to the management of an organization’s human capital and the HR function. The possibility of these services ranges from overarching work on the human capital strategy to the design and exploitation of a compensation & remuneration framework down to the transformation of the HR function. Our Human Resource HR management consulting service includes the following but not limited to these services:

human resource management consulting
human resource management consul

1. HR Management Policies and Procedures Development
Firstly, We assist our clients in developing HR policies and procedures. We work as a partner with the Client in the whole process of policies and procedures development and its implementation and we also verify the implemented HR system as an auditor. In addition, we ensure compliance with statutory regulations such as Labor Act while developing HR policies and procedures.

2. Recruitment Consulting Service
Secondly, At greentick clients are offered various staffing solutions such as full-time, part-time, or temporary. Further, The service covers all aspects of recruitment, beginning with sourcing to the induction of staff. Also, Right from entry-level trainees to executive level, we assist you in getting the right attitude for all the vacant positions.

3. Contract staffing management
Thirdly, At times organizations look for specialized personnel to meet their immediate needs and needs that can be fulfilled with our contract staffing or staff augmentation services.

4. Training and Development consulting
In order to optimize the output of workforce in your organization, we offer specialized HR enhancement inventions. Then, This particular service uses HR strategies that support your workforce to be aligned with your business goals. We also analyze your value system, short term, and long term goals to conduct the required training programs and their assessments.

5. Performance Management system
We at greentick implement a robust, well-designed performance management system so that clients can have the best of their employees. This will also provide more time for the management to focus on other strategic goals and improve the productivity of their employees.

6. Payroll management
On the contrary, Creating a separate payroll management team is not feasible for organizations. Hence, it will be beneficial if organizations can go for outsourcing, payroll management service with us as we provide on-time payroll release, ensure statutory compliance and redress payroll associated grievances efficiently.

7. Leave Management
Organizations can simplify their leave tracking process by letting us outsource your leave management needs. We update managers on leave associated notifications and tasks and analyze employees’ leave statistics so that organizations can track all kinds of employee leaves easily.

8. Employee Grievances Management
We provide disciplinary and grievance investigations and consulting as an employee grievance management service. This service is also suitable for organizations that prefer to deal with grievance complaints, manage associated legal processes and documentation issues within their organization.

9. Employee engagement
Finally, Success of an organization depends upon its employee’s engagement. In fact, Engaged employees are likely to promote positive customer experiences that can lead to a good customer base and financial outcomes. We then ensure this engagement by thoroughly understanding and working on employees’ needs with better stress management. We also work on the promotion of work-life balance among employees and streamline individual objectives with that of the organizations.