Services for employee consulting and counseling

To begin with, Consulting and counseling is a crucially important factor for organizations. Further, As employees go through personal issues, it could lead to a threat that can impact their relationships, well-being, or employment. Therefore, organizations should have a practice of employee counselling at a regular interval of time.

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However, it needs to be purely confidential as counseling is related to individual personal matters. It is the fact that problems in personal life do arise from time to time and can impact on their professional life. Nevertheless, these issues can be minimized and addressed appropriately through professional service.
Additionally, greentick provides employee consulting and counseling service for organizations in Nepal to increase productivity and efficiency. Furthermore, greentick assures the maintenance of confidential counseling services to its clients.

The employee counseling service at greentick is an exceptionally beneficial element for both employees and organizations. Our consultants also assist you in reducing interference in the place of work and absenteeism, which will improve the productivity and workplace morale in the organization. Thus, the use of our modern counseling techniques can assist to transform the way an individual thinks and as a result, can also change behaviors and feelings that can be unfavorable to workplace performance and relationships with colleagues. Finally, to summarize, As each individual is different and has issues that will be unique, we adopt different techniques that will be used for different purposes.