As the great physician Albert Einstein said, "Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience. You need the experience to gain wisdom."

Recent graduates have relevant information on their fields. But they can only forge their knowledge through practice in the real market. The market is volatile, and graduates require time to familiarize themselves with the working environment. Hence, greentick understands the importance of the opportunity to graduates to become professional experts in relevant fields.
At greentick, we open opportunities for recent graduates to work under the supervision of professional experts and gain experience and develop careers for professional dynamism. Whether a consulting, outsourcing, or technology career, graduates can explore and enhance their real-world problem-solving ability, knowledge-building capability, effective communication, teamwork and develop project accomplishment skills with us.

We want to invite all enthusiastic graduates to apply for an opportunity to work on real-time problems and empower their knowledge with the help of professional experts.