If you are a student and need to perform internship as a partial fulfillment of the course, you are welcome to greentick. We will offer internship opportunities to eligible Nepali students whether studying locally or abroad. Foreign students can also have their internship at greentick as we encourage in learning cross-country culture. Preference will be given to applicants with a major in one of the following fields of study: finance, business management and administration, economics and IT. The final selection will be based on the requirement for each internship on a case-by-case basis. During internship period, we do not just entertain our name to the interns rather we teach them how to become a professional. Once the interns complete their internship, they will be able to know their actual field of interest, which they may not have known when pursuing academic qualifications. In our internship opportunities, interns will have the freedom to try different field of work as a result, their experience will guide them for their future career and will have a confidence to show a 'can do attitude' and quickly dig into the tasks assigned by future employers. To apply, mail us at [email protected]