Consulting and Advisory services on Audit and Compliance

Audit is an inspection of an organization’s system, typically by an independent body. Without an audit system, a company would not be able to create authentic managerial reports for internal or external purposes. Accordingly, an audit system is significant key to prevent impairing misstatements in company’s records and reports. Not all the fraud are detected.

However, Audit checks and verifies whether the process of any system is proper or not. Compliance compares the process with the government law as well as organizational policies.

So, while conducting audit and compliance of any system, a business organization should follow the government law as well as organization policy respectively. Audit and Compliance for Business management is an important aspect today. Greentick also offers audit and compliance consulting and advisory services on different ISO standards, National standards, GDPR etc.

Audit and Compliance- What we do Greentick

Our approach

On day to day operation of organization to achieve any the targeted goals you may have unintentionally missed out to fulfill foremost measure. By the time you realize non-compliance, it may be too late which may result risk for your organization.

Therefore, audit & compliance can be conducted not only on accounting and financial sector but in numerous sector of business as well such as internal audit of Human Resource Management, Information Technology, etc.

If you appoint us to perform audit at a regular interval of time, we can verify your organizational activities. Where as they are at par with your policies, procedures and fulfill regulatory requirements. So as a result you will be able to focus on your core business activities for its growth.

However, our audit/ compliance service will facilitate your internal audit programs. We are capable to conduct audit/ compliance service on HR, Management, Finance, Information Technology and mainly on International standard (ISO audit).