Consulting for ISO 18513:2003 tourism service advisory

To begin with, the tourism sector has an essential place in the economy and generating employment opportunities all over the globe. As it is developing and growing rapidly, systematic management and standard for the organizations providing tourism services have become a necessity. ISO 18513:2003 Tourism Service establishes a standard for organizations that provides tourism services such as accommodation, food, beverage, entertainment, and many other activities. Today, ISO 18513 is an internationally recognized standard in the field of accommodation and tourism activities.

Tourism services ISO 185132003

Our Service

To begin with, We at Greentick offer you a consulting service and assistance to establish ISO 18513:2003 Tourism Services and advisory along with the process towards the certification. In fact, The establishment of this recognized Tourism Services standard can develop your organization’s outcome with enhanced productivity and expression of a standardized tourism services business move towards new and existing customers. With our flawless procedure, your organization will also be able to establish ISO 18513 by continuously developing and meeting your objectives.

Our team of qualified experts in Tourism Management can assist your organization meet new requirements of ISO 18513:2003 tourism service. Additionally, With our consulting service, you can provide reliable and quality services; through your hotels, holiday villages, travel agencies, and touristic facilities. In short, ISO 18513:2003 certification in your organization can become a strategic marketing technique for attracting potential customers.

Our ISO 18513:2003 Tourism Service consulting include

  • Evaluating the standard and quality of housekeeping, front office, reservation rules, telephone exchange, and others.
  • Ensuring the organization’s employees have a common level of foreign language education.
  • Auditing and evaluating the standard of touristic safety facilities such as fire exit, safety, smoke detectors, fire extinguishing systems; and signs that indicate exit directions.
  • Analyzing the standard of electricity and voltage supplies in all tourist facilities.
  • Providing goods and service evaluation techniques and standards along with the performance of the organization’s employees.
  • Assessing the quality and standard of water, air, surroundings hygiene level, foods and beverages, kitchen hygiene.
  • Providing necessary training, and
  • Ensuring the security management of the facility.