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Risk, Audit and Compliance

Audit/Compliance Service

An Audit/Compliance review examines all aspects of an organisation’s conformity to statutory and regulatory requirements or any implemented specific international standard within the organisation. We will evaluate the organisation’s control mechanisms and identify the lapses in the existing controls against the requirements and provide recommendations for mitigating/resolving the existing risks. Such service will add value to the organisation by gradually improving the business processes and the organisational performance. Moreover, the top-level authority of the organisation will have a peace of mind from knowing statutory and regulatory or the international standard obligations are met and potential problems have been identified early on.

Our Audit/Compliance Service is designed in a way that it assists our clients by evaluating the existing control mechanisms as per the requirements.

Some of the key highlights includes:

  • Local legislation and regulations;
  • Business-related regulations and frameworks; and
  • Policies, practices, and procedures of the organisation.