Training Needs Assessment

Service on Training Assessment

As organizations continue to grow, it needs to make sure that the employees are properly competent in meeting the present and future requirements. To ensure this, organizations need to perform proper training needs assessment. Training assists organizations as a tool to perform improvements in its performance and is a direct investment in the company’s assets. The Training Needs Assessment (TNA) is regarded as a development and knowledge gaining requirements for employees within the organization.

The objective of Training Needs Assessment is to:
- Firstly, discover the abilities that can assist employees to meet their goals
- Secondly, discover the space in the present level of competence in the area of skills
- Thirdly, implement an action plan that ensures a solution addressing the matter
- Finally, efficiently concentrate on the resources, time and effort towards a targeted training

training need assessment

Our Services

We at greentick provide you with the best Training Assessment consulting service and business advisory. Our qualified and experienced consultants can assist you in identifying and understanding each employee’s specific requirements for training. Further, We ensure a proactive approach to assist your organization to meet your business objectives. As a result, this helps your employees to fill the gap between their present skill level and the skill required to meet your organization’s objective. Our need assessment also allows organizations to direct resources into the key areas for employee development. As a result, organizations will obtain appropriate employee morale development and better organizational performance.
Our Training Needs Assessment Consulting service facilitates to:

  • Understand
    Understand the specific set of competencies that need to be developed across different job positions to achieve the desired training objectives.
  • Customize
    Identify the behavioral gaps and work towards fulfilling those gaps since they are a dominant success predictor for most of the job positions.
  • Plan
    Build up learning flexibility within the organization by identifying upcoming skills to develop in the workforce.