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Organizations today utilize cloud computing environments to contribute to their business goals, objectives, and future needs. Conventional IT security auditing and cloud security auditing share many concerns, however, a cloud security audit must address unique problems typically not handled in traditional IT security audits. 
Three-way negotiation among service organizations, cloud service providers (CSPs), and end-users is required for the proper functioning of cloud infrastructure and to ensure productivity while maintaining a reasonable degree of security. It is the responsibility of the CSP to keep data safe from security threats and give clients access from anywhere with Internet service.

data security privacy
data security privacy

The most immediate and obvious challenge lies in auditors acquiring sufficient knowledge on cloud computing. Thus, for a successful cloud audit cloud security auditors, familiar with cloud computing terminology and have a working knowledge of a cloud system’s constitution and delivery method is necessary.
Our cloud audit approach uses an information-based approach to review data, processes, and provide cloud, hybrid, and location-based applications for the organization. Cloud audit reviews the qualifications of the cloud service provider to thoroughly vet cloud vendors such that every cloud service provider should meet basic criteria. The benefits of usage of CSP must outweigh the enormous risks of safeguarding information assets and complying with standards set by a host of educational, industrial, and governmental precedents. greentick provides cloud audit services to its clients on different levels according to their requirements.