Learn How to Have Better Relationship with Employees

How to have better Relationship with Employees


The success of any business or organization is considered when there is a strong relationship between the management and employees or better relationship with employees. It can create more productivity, higher satisfaction, and a motivating work environment. Generally, better relations with employees refer to the organization’s determination towards developing healthy relationships among team members and their managers or employer. It focuses on improving the employee’s experience. With effective employee relations, individuals feel responsible and motivated towards their work instead of taking it as a burden.


In most organizations, the human resource professional identifies and resolves the issues relating to the relationship with employees at the workplace. Such professionals measure and improve employee morale and provide support to the company’s management. However, the supervisors and managers can also conduct these activities in smaller firm. When an organization is not able to establish proper relations with employees, it can cause issues such as absenteeism from work, less respect towards the employer, disputes with colleagues, showing up late to work or meetings, violating safety rules, and so on.


It takes genuine effort, dedication, and time to develop a better relationship with employees. However, it can be challenging at times to encourage a good relationship. The following are some effective ways that the organization can adopt to build a better relationship with employees:

Improve Communication

Communication amongst employees plays an essential role in an organization. Even though work emails or the use of memos are effective tools for communicating important information, it is still considered as an impersonal way. Lack of proper communication can make employees feel that they are not so crucial part of the organization. As employees are the most valuable resource to any organization, beginning with open communication can enhance better relations between employees and employers.

Establish a Bond of Trust

Any kind of relationship requires a bond of trust. By having a healthy relationship with employees, organizations can build up and gain the employees’ trust. Once the employees are communicated and provided with the necessary tools to complete their task, employers or managers should have trust and faith that they will get the job done.

Appreciate Employees

Most employees spend plenty of time and effort for the betterment of the company. Hence, appreciating employees’ work is a good non-financial incentive for employees that can increase their overall productivity. As there are times when employees can be extenuated with their performance, a simple gesture of appreciation for their hard work can motivate them.

Schedule One-on-One Interactions

For a positive employee relationship, it is necessary for the managers or employers to conduct a one-on-one interaction at times. It can make the employees feel supported and can also provide feedback regarding their work or task. It can allow the managers or employers to understand them better and enhance their morale. Overall, such interactions can make employees feel more comfortable approaching the management and even provide suggestions that can improve the organization’s productivity.

Provide Good Working Equipment

Workplace injuries can cause huge risks to the employees’ life. To avoid such workplace injuries, organizations can provide employees with proper working equipment such as safety gear and ergonomic office furniture. With proper work equipment, employees take fewer absent days from work and can work in healthier conditions. This way the organization can improve their employees’ well-being and build a positive relationship.

Invest in Career Development

Employees are highly concerned when it comes to developing and learning new skills. Due to the increasing competition in the job market, employees want to remain desirable to their managers or employers. Thus, organizations can provide an environment where employees can learn and develop their skillset to competitively perform their roles. Providing such a learning environment can enhance the relationship with employees and strengthen bonds within the organization.


Hence, by promoting healthy employee relations at the workplace, organizations can obtain the best outcome from each individual resulting in an increase in revenue and higher productivity.