E-Commerce Industry Sustaining In Nepal

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Electronic commerce or e-commerce could be a business model that lets firms and individuals buy and sell things over the web. E-Commerce Industry Sustaining In Nepal, which might be conducted over computers or phones could also be thought of as sort of a digital version of in-person catalog shopping. It has helped businesses around the world establish a wider market presence by providing cheaper and more efficient distribution channels for any product or service. E-commerce has been around the blocks for around three decades, and therein period, it’s revolutionized the method of shopping for and selling goods.

Global Context

Globally the use of the E-commerce and its business has been outrageous since the pandemic period. COVID-19 has restrained people from going out and maintaining social distancing. This has become a very huge opportunity for E-commerce industry or businesses to bloom and fly like a rocket. As people discovered it is easy to shop from home as they work from home. Even the people who were unaware of the e-commerce industry platforms before have now started to rely upon it due to the pandemic situation.

As a consumer

It has been easy and effortless to shop tons of essential goods just within a click which initially maintains social distancing as well. However, as from the business point of view, it is a hectic job which gets tougher day by day. Even though in the pandemic period, e-commerce industry or businesses have to manage their operation even more than they used to before. They had to follow and maintain the safety guidelines set by the dedicated authorities to safeguard the customer. Their belongings, and goods purchased till their delivery time.

In the context of Nepal

In the context of Nepal, looking at the post-pandemic scenario e-commerce platforms have increased. Buyers and sellers have equally increased their participation. Gradual penetration of e-commerce platforms in rural areas of Nepal has created favorable conditions for buyers and sellers from small businesses as well. E-commerce industry platforms are assisting in thrusting Nepal to go digital. Likewise, it promotes digital payments, and payment gateways like e-Sewa, Khalti, IME pay, etc. are growing as well. Although the majority of people tend to accept the “cash on delivery” option instead of digital payment. This is because of the chance of getting fooled and the increment of fraud with the increase of e-commerce platforms.


Only 80% of people are satisfied with the e-commerce industry platform. Buyers don’t get the expected products as showcased in the websites and applications which leads them to have delusions while buying. Also, the seller do not receive bulky purchase orders as expected. This has created a huge gap in the buyer and seller expectations. It concludes that the E-commerce business in Nepal is sustaining by hanging on the edge.


It would be very reliable to both the parties of buyer and seller. Government of Nepal come with a solution and create new policies for E-commerce industry  platforms. It would be great if the Government of Nepal set some rules for buyers and sellers to comply so that it would be easy to buy/sell genuine products. There must be strict rules for duplicating a product and its details. Also, frauds fooling the buyers will be decreased gradually if strict rules and penalties are applied.