14 Peaks Project “Possible”

14 Peaks Project Possible And Its Effects

Introduction: Project Possible

“Don’t be afraid to dream big”, says Nirmal Purja, He is an architect behind the “Project Possible” and is also known as Nims for his heroics. He and his team of Sherpas made an astonishing journey to summit 14 Peaks Project Possible above 8000 meters within six months six days.
His recently released documentary on Netflix inspires everyone around the globe. With his courage, towards his goal, he and his team were able to achieve something which was unheard of before.
His mission began in 2019 with motivation from the achievement of legendary Reinhold Messer. Reinhold was the first person to climb all the 14 peaks in 1986. The last climber to summit all the 14 peaks took more than seven years. This record is now set to seven months. The journey of “Project Possible,” began in Nepal, and continued to Pakistan and Tibet.


What does it mean for Nepal?

Effects in Globalization

This achievement and accomplishment carry tremendous importance in today’s fast-paced business world. In the 21st century, globalization makes the exchange of any kind of product or service possible throughout the world. Thomas Friedman has written in his book The World Is Flat that the world is becoming accessible to all in equal and similar terms due to globalization.
He further claims that ‘it is becoming flattered and turning more homogeneous, owing to the new-found power of individuals and organizations to collaborate and even to compete globally’.
It has helped businesses to expand customer bases, generate more revenue streams and even diversify the workforce. Globalization is also simply a way to interact and interconnect with people, governments, and companies around the world. Likewise, with the help of globalization, businesses can now expand internationally through trade agreements created by partnering governments.


Due to the achievement of 14 Peaks Project Possible Nirmal has been able to seek global attention towards the beauty, love, lifestyle, leadership of a Gurkha. This helps local brands to get global recognition. The possibility of developing partnerships with new companies or Foreign Direct Investment to new businesses arises.
As a result, globalization allows people, goods, services, ideas, languages, information, and other commodities to move across domestic borders all the time. Hence, with the effect of project possibility and globalization, there is an opportunity for marketing, seeking global investments, and leap a huge step in the business world for Nepal.

Effects on the Tourism industry?

The Nepal Mountaineering Association has appointed Nims Dai as Goodwill Ambassador for the year 2021. The tourism industry experienced a severe loss due to Covid-19. His achievements had made an international headline in 2019.
Everybody believed that his records are highly influential to make the Visit Nepal Year 2020 campaign a success. The Government of Nepal and Tourism Board had promoted and encouraged investment for the Visit Nepal Year 2020.
But, amid the outbreak of Covid, the country had to face a huge loss in international tourism. After the documentary release of Nims Dai’s ‘14 Peaks: Nothings is Impossible’ and things starting to get normal, it is believed to have positive effects in attracting international tourism.
The effort has already provided marketing over Netflix subscribers, social media, and news channels. This makes us hopeful to get back the tourism industry of Nepal to its normal days.

Other possible effects

With 214 million paid subscribers in Netflix, Nepal is going to make a statement of its existence globally. This may not only have a positive effect on globalization and tourism throughout. Small countries are prone to cybersecurity attacks through spam, phishing attacks, ransomware, malware attacks. Hackers target these countries over ease to exploit their data in lack of infrastructures and enough funding for securities.


Although the effect of globalization has seen Nepal progress in the cybersecurity industry of Nepal, there is a huge gap in the lack of infrastructure and specialists. According to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Global Cybersecurity Index 2020, Nepal has moved up to the 94th position from the 106th slot in the 2018 edition. This shows that its commitment to cybersecurity has increased.

But, are we prepared for being prone to attacks?

Indeed, the improvement in the global cybersecurity index is a huge effort. But there are still huge steps, investments, and efforts to take in order to catch up with global standard security. Globalization and investments bring fast processing of products or services that bring the subjects of payment, data maintenance, communication, etc. bringing exposure to threats and attacks.


Nims Dai had to inhabit both ends of the mental spectrum as a mountaineer. He required full trust and belief in himself and decision-making abilities, and the capacity to know when the mountain is, in his own words.
The skills he had displayed were equally competitive and outstanding than a western climber. He has shown the limitless possibility of achievement through willpower, team efforts, courage, and willingness to lead.
Nepal should take this as a great opportunity to stride forward. Whether it’s a business, tourism, hotel industry, or maybe even cybersecurity we need to believe we can move forward, lead, and accomplish. The path of trust and belief is shown to the world, now it is time to attract business persons, executives, and investors globally and to lead.