The Value of Business Mentorship in Entrepreneurial Success

Business mentorship in entrepreneur success greentick


For any entrepreneur involved in a venture or a start-up, they know that growing independently is, particularly challenging task. Startups have their own basic needs just like humans need water, food, oxygen, sleep, and shelter to live. Mentorship is one such basic need for most startups, as entrepreneurship is a complex ecosystem. Business Mentorship provides knowledge and experience that is not obtainable from reading books and university courses in entrepreneur success. Mentors with relevant industry knowledge will provide a good mentorship and can assist entrepreneurs with various competitive strategies. They can even provide extensive networks such as finding the right investors or team members.

Most successful entrepreneurs developed abilities and insights through personalized support, business advice, and encouragement from mentors. However, some argue that entrepreneurs do not require mentorship. And can follow their instincts and gut feelings to achieve any kind of success. But considering the global perspective, most phenomenally successful entrepreneurs did receive some kind of mentorship or guidance during their entrepreneurial journey.

Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook was mentored by Steve Jobs from Apple. Similarly, Steve Jobs was mentored by Mike Markkula who was the investor and CEO of Apple Computers. Business Mentorship from mentors is an extremely important formula for any entrepreneur success. With the help of their profound experience, knowledge, and leadership skills they can easily navigate the challenges faced by entrepreneurs. This way, entrepreneurs can define their right organizational structure, attract investors, handle governance and legal structures, move with linear processes, develop viable business models that can create financial and social value to their ventures or startups.


Apart from that, a valuable mentorship will be always beneficial to individuals in upgrading their self-reliance and leadership skills, identifying their insights, abilities, and solutions. Mentors also do provide emotional support during the challenging phases, set a target to achieve the milestones, and celebrate the success together. Every entrepreneur from a venture or a startup will need at least one good mentorship from a mentor. No matter how incredibly smart they might be, or how unique and disruptive their new concept or idea might be. Thus, mentorship provides huge impact on any entrepreneurial success.