Time Management in an Organization

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Keeping up with time

“Time and tide waits for no man” this quote is very common and has been widely used. Though the quote is familiar, it’s importance is most valued by Business world. Any person or organization must function considering the significance of time. Time management in service business is one of the most vital essence of a qualitative management system. The concept of time management in service business is not to work harder but to right utilize the time and work smarter. It is wisely practicing the optimum utilization of the available time in a productive way.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

As simple as it might seem this quote holds the treasure for every lives. The time management concept amplifies this to its core. There is never an enough time in the day-to-day busy schedule. Nevertheless, some people seem to achieve much more than others in life. Both personal growth and organizational accomplishment is possible by the good time management by adopting various skills of time management includes planning, prioritizing, decision-making, goal setting, and scheduling.

Importance of Time management in service and business

Management consulting refers to the practice of assisting organizations to solve their various managerial and organizational issues and enhance their performance by granting appropriate suggestions and way out for an effective improvement. Organizations may draw upon the services of management consultants for a number of reasons, including gaining external (and presumably objective) advice and access to the consultants’ specialized expertise.

A management consulting organization works as an advisory source for solving the different queries and problems of the overall management of any organization. For a consulting organization, the proper time management is one of the key consideration. Without time management, the absolute daily administrative success and even the organizational goal remains unfulfilled. Various organizations look upon the consulting organization as a guardian that guides them along their working life. This makes the consulting organization highly influencing and responsible and even critical if things do not work out properly.

Therefore, any consulting organization must be very calm, have patience and even time bounded in their each working approach. Every small effective approach can create a good impact on the client whereas a small mistake can hurt their sentiments and even degrade the value of the organization.

Challenges of time management in business and their service

If there is no proper time management, there will be huge workload and even important works may be procrastinated because of not prioritizing the task and not maintaining a commotion list. In spite of being totally committed and doing best of what the organization can, if one ignore time management, the desired outcome will never be achieved.

Almost every aspects of the organization must concern the performance of every task on time but prioritizing the crucial one tactfully is important. There are various importance of time management in the organization. Few of them are listed below:

  1. Aids in qualitative management

  • Time management can be a major initiative to establish a qualitative management in the consulting organization. When every action is regulated orderly and precisely in time, it helps to maintain a qualitative working environment. It even adds up as a disciplinary approach as a time- bounded organization. It helps to create a promising and appealing business deal to the client-organization. A qualitative management is only the ramification of a proper management that assist to work smart and work effectively.


  1. Reduces hassle for the deadline

  • The consulting organization is in constant need for performing the continuous services on different projects. Different organizations rely on the consulting organization for the solutions of various management related problems in their specific time limitation. Perhaps, they are in need of optimum qualitative solution, which even favors them immediately. If there is the proper time management in service and business, the consulting organization should not worry about the deadlines.
  1. Establishes a good relationship between the client and concerned organizations

  • In the world of competition, everyone is in need of a qualitative service on time. With much option for almost every kind of issues, anybody goes after a solution that is reliable to them in its best way. When any consulting organizations can win the trust and stand out to the perfect need of the entrepreneurs or business organization, they will establish an ever going and continuous relationship of a lifetime with the host organizations.
  1. Effective planning

  • Proper planning is only a result of a proper time management. When there is the approach for maintaining a healthy to do list and task -planning focusing on time management, automatically the best planning can be considered. Like this, we can prioritize the work and schedule the important work according to their importance. High preference can be planned for the more crucial agendas. Even the completion of the works can be scheduled out step by step, that makes the planning the most effective than ever and the consulting organization can be favored with the effective planning.
  1. Setting further goals and objectives

  • Almost every organization has a major goal and objectives behind its establishment. The organization without any goal is just like a captain without a ship. Even the consulting organization prioritize in creating the benchmark as a leading consulting organization, which could stand out as the best service provider.
    When there is the habit of managing time under the working environment it automatically, helps in improvising, focusing and even in adding further goals and objectives for the particular organization. It is so because only when there is smooth working out in daily operations, the focus can divert to the core objective of the organization. It even adds better scope in order to carry out more improvement in the organization.
  1. Eradicates the idea of a stressful and monotonous working environment

  • Though not considered as one of the major perquisites of a good time management, the working environment and condition of the employees must be given a huge priority. On the daily basis, working by keeping time management in consideration can keep the employees stress-free and likely to be less depressed and monotonous regarding their specific work. Perhaps, they can be a huge difference on working without stress but with positive approach. They work smart. And, tend to realize that work is not monotonous and not difficult under proper time management. It even act as a discipline booster that helps in their personal growth and make them capable of handling every tough situation being cautious.
  1. Prioritizing tasks

  • The importance and the value of any tasks and projects differ with its nature and its priority. This further defines how much is their urgency and time limit for its completion. Similarly, The importance and seriousnes prioritizes a task’s urgency. One must be able to differentiate between important and urgent work. Identifying the importance of each task also comes under time management concept.
  1. Increases the productivity

  • “The dream comes true moment” of any organization including the consulting one, is when they are successful in giving high productivity. Productivity is the result of continuous task completion one by one, which eventually awards a good feedback from the client. In this regard, time management helps in serving the best outcome. It eventually results the satisfied clients and a hold a better future full of scope.
  1. Improvement in Decision making ability

  • As a consultant organization, it ought to be possess the ability to be a great decision maker. When there is the use of time chunking technique and the power of list making then automatically, one can go for a farsighted approach of decision-making. Therefore, it is not wise to jump into conclusion but can deeply consider every small details and options that can be the very beneficial initiative.


In a conclusion, the tremendous benefits of the time management are the key ways to success for any organizations. That will live it no stone unturned to achieve the success it always thrives for. And the benchmark it always wants to create. Finally, To obtain the best out of business, one must alter with the algorithm of time management to its core.


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