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Social Media for business and service greentick

When you look back to the time, let’s say 10 years back, do you see yourself using Facebook for business and service or other social media like you do as of now? Obviously not right? But today its different, many people are on the internet most of the time. It is undeniably true that the world is in your fingertips with internet.  There is no doubt that internet has been one of the greatest discoveries of this century. The world has radically changed since the commencement of the internet and it is undeniably true that the world is in your fingertips with internet but do you think, internet is used for personal reason?  Let’s find it out.

In our increasingly Internet-savvy and digitally interconnected world, entrepreneurs, professionals, students and others can and should bind the power of the web to aspire for world-class success. There are plenty of social media under internet, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are the famous one around the world. Most of the people assume that the social media are used only for their personal use, however referring to the current scenario, the myth has been proven wrong. Social Media, when first came into existence was used as a platform for people to connect with each other or to meet new people on internet from various parts of the world.

It was an easy platform for friends and family members to connect each other. And with the increase in the number of internet user, business and service provider using social media has become tremendously popular. It has become a part of everyday life of the people.

Rapid Use

Out of 24 hours a day we spend most of our time on the internet, because the internet has almost all the information we could ever want or need. Now, social media is not just a mere networking site, where people find their long lost friends. It has become a business opportunity. Companies have seen the growing trend and popularity of social media as an opportunity they can take advantage of to expand their business and service and to gain a competitive advantage over its competitors.

Modern age is the period connected with wonderful development of scientific discipline. In our increasingly Internet-savvy and digitally interconnected world, entrepreneurs, professionals, students and others can and should bind the power of the web to aspire for world-class success. One way or another, internet has been there for us and so is the social media.

The Use of Social Media by Business for service

An entity can take the most amount of advantage of social media by using it as a marketing tool. Marketing is one of the most important functions of a company. It helps a company or organization to not only sell their products but also introduce their product to a new market and to create a brand in the market. A company uses various marketing tools to market its product and one of the most used and popular marketing tool in the world currently is social networking sites. Social networking sites helps business to create a social network through various sites that help the business to meet customers that are interested in their products and to meet new and target new customers and to expand their business.

Use of Social Networking

Social networking has become an integral part of business strategies due to its effectiveness and cost. Almost every business in the world is using social media to promote its business or products. And since it is easy to use, it is easy to adapt for a company as well.

Many businesses use social networking such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram among others to promote their business and products. New companies use social media to make the public aware about them and their services, established companies use social media to promote their new products or to expand their business and gain new customers.

But the company should maintain ethics and principles while using social media that needs to be maintain by the employees and the employers of the company. The company should provide true information about their business and products. Many times while using social media as marketing tool, the companies tend to mislead their product or company. The company should be truthful and honest while using social media as it plays the vital role while boosting the business.

Use of Social Media for Business by Employers

The employers are the one that hire or fire the employee. The company’s foremost use of it is to use it as a marketing tool, but the company also uses its sites to announce vacancy and head hunt employees in order to fulfill the vacant position. The employers post about the any vacant post in the office on the company’s site with detailed information.

According to ‘google god’, most of the employer these days are stalking or head hunting candidates by their profiles on various sites. Since the behavior and the professionalism of an individual can reflect on their social sites and the stuffs they posts, like and share, this has made easier for the employer in order to know one’s personality. This is cost effective step for the business or company.

Use of Social Media by Employees

The employees of the company are the ones that use the media for the purpose stated by the company. Even though the use of networking sites is growing, there is still a doubt in the customers mind regarding it. It is the duty of the employees to earn the trust of the customers and to ensure them. Privacy and Security is a big factor that effects how the customers perceive social media. If they do not trust the sites used by the company, the customers are surely to ignore the company. It is the foremost duty of the employees to maintain privacy and security, so the customers can blindly put faith in the company and its product. The employees shouldn’t misuse or share private information about the customers to unconcerned parties or to the third party.

Become Ethical

Also the employees should be careful about the things or content they post on their social sites. The company’s site might be followed by diverse age group or people, so it should be careful not use harmful words or double meaning words or should be careful about the content they post on their sites. If their content is inappropriate for certain age group, age restrictions should be mentioned.

The employees should not use social sites for their personal use. Sometimes employees use the company’s site for personal use. Organizations need to forbid use of personal account during office time. Employees use their personal social media as a time pass or a way to express themselves. But using it during office hours is un-professionalism and unethical.

Be Professional

The employees also use social media as a means of communicating to its potential and existing customers. The employees should communicate with the customers in a professional way. They shouldn’t be rude or impatient. The way the employees communicate leaves an impression about the company in the customers head. If the employee is rude the customers will automatically look the company in the negative light. So the reputation and image of company is in the hands of employees when it comes to social media.

Beside personal approach to the clients and customer, employee today use social media to search for new opportunities as well. As the company search for employer, employee do search for the potential employer to examine the background of the company.


In conclusion, when it comes to social media, you feel like world is so small. You are now connecting with worldwide people. It is possible to buy stuff online. You can order food with varieties. But professionally using social media is never a small deal. Whatever you post in your social media page reflects your company and its nature. And even for an individual whatever you share or post reflects your behavior. So, Taking social media casually and posting rubbish, can hugely affect your reputation. So it is very important to act wisely.