Significance Of Human Resource Development

Human Resource HR Development and management greentick

One of the powerful quotes from Industry Leaders express that a company is only as good as its people. With this saying, one can relate to the fact that every organization, regardless of what business they are into, has their own specific eligibility criteria while recruiting human resources for their needed positions.

However, one cannot deny Significance of Human Resource HR Development and management, it is very hard to find the right personality who seems to be full filling all the specification. Hence, many employees hire with only their basic level of skills. Once hired, they undergo different types of training which enhance their hands-on-skills to perform better in their role. Today, organizations are counting employees’ training and development as an essential part of their organizational strategy.

The objective of human resource development (HRD) is to facilitate employees to face the work challenges, to adapt to new requirements, to enhance skills, and to achieve the levels of performance needed to stay competitive. In fact, if an organization say that they have trained employees to do their job, taught other person. How to use a new technology, provided orientation session for new employees, provided outdoor learning experience to their existing employees, etc. then that organization is involved in some form of human resource HR development and management.

In simple terms, HRD is design to give employees the information they need. In order to adapt to the organization’s culture and do their jobs effectively. The field of human resource HR development and management covers several functions across the organization starting from employee recruitment to their recreational and motivational aspects. It does not only focus on employee satisfaction, but also ensure that employees are delighted with the working environment and conditions and perform their jobs with full motivation.

Human Resource Development and management is in influence by some of the core beliefs which are as follows:

  1. Organizations are human made entities that rely on human capability to achieve their goal.
  2. Human expertise can be maximum through human resource development processes. And it should  carry out for the mutual benefits of both individuals and organizations.

Human Resources are the backbone for an organization to stand tall and high in this competitive business era. Organizations who want success should not be stagnant with the limited knowledge because this changeable environment demands regular update in the work requirements. With this changing scenario, it is important to ensure a continuous flow of qualified persons for the changed jobs.  Therefore, an effort should be made on developing the productivity of the existing human resources.

Objectives of Human Resource HR Development and management are to develop:

  1. proficiencies in all individuals working in an organization with respect to their present roles.
  2. capabilities of all individuals in relation to their future roles.
  3. develop newly hired staff to perform their work with high level of employees.
  4. develop organizational well-being by continuous renewal of individual capabilities keeping pace with the technological change.
  5. Also, promote a culture of creativity, innovation, respect and dignity.
  6. achieve excellence in every phase of working.

HRD has only one major goal and that is to make better employees or make them even better at what they do. Whatever, the size of the company is, a policy on developing the people of an organization can be the best tool to attract and retain the excellent employees.

HRD is essential because of the following reasons:

1.Competent Human Resource:

HRD develops the skills and knowledge of an individual which assists in creating competent and efficient human resource. It further creates clarity in work norms and standards. Good quality and consistent training means better processes within a business. Well trained and competent human resource are the real assets for an organization.

2.Committed Work Force:

Trained and competent work force are committed towards their job responsibilities and it is possible through HRD. As, Employees feel committed to the organization if proper training and development opportunities are provided to them.

3.Opportunity for Career Development:

HRD provides career development opportunities through the development of skills and knowledge which helps improve their qualification and experience.

4.Job Satisfaction:

When human resource in the organization are well orient and develop.  Then, they express higher degree of commitment in actual work place. This encourages them for better performance and ultimately leads to job satisfaction.

5.Greater Trust and Respect:

Communication develops greater trust and respect for each other among employees. With HRD programs employees become more open thus, new values can generate easily.

6.Change Management:

Change is unavoidable in the business environment but employees might reject change if they have low self-esteem for the change. In order to increase employee’s confidence in changed environment, technology, job responsibility and accountability, training and development activities are important.

7.Facilitates human resource planning:

HRD generates a lot of useful and objective data on employees that facilitates human resource planning.

8.Improve Profitability:

Trained employees use their skills and knowledge to utilize the organizational resources (material and machinery) in the optimal level without any wastage.  Which will decrease the cost of production. This will ultimately result to the increased profitability of an organization.

9.Improved Image:

Through training and development, organizations build distinct image because they produce better goods and services than their competitors. Such organizations lead the market in term of technology, management leadership and market leadership.

10.Other Benefits:

The overall effect of HRD is observe in terms of higher productivity, cost effectiveness, growth expansion, diversification as well as increased profits.

HRD is extremely important because organizations realizes that any value added to an employee is also a value added to the organizations. Also, The bottom line is that HR development is directly related with improving and enhancing the performance of the employees, which is obviously the competitive advantage for an organization. The study on the business effectiveness and sustainability from all over the world suggests that people are the key to success of the business.

Opportunities  organization can use

There are many opportunities that organization can use to develop their human resource. Some of them are mention below:

a. Training and Development:

Training is all about improving the knowledge, skills and attitudes of employees for the short-term, particular to a specific job or task. It includes:

  • Employee orientation
  • Skills and technical training
  • Coaching

Development means preparing for future responsibilities, while increasing the capacity to perform at a current job which includes:

  • Management training
  • Supervisor development

b. Organizational Development:

It is the process of improving an organization’s effectiveness and member’s well-being through the application of behavioral science.

c. Career Development:

It is the ongoing process by which individual’s progress through series of changes until they achieve their personal level of maximum achievement. It includes career planning and career management.

Hence, the significance of human resource department is being accepted by the whole world and HR Development is a pre-requirement for the organizational growth. No sensible restructuring strategy can afford to undermine the importance of human resource development. Therefore, HR policies and practices is the only way to deliver the required organizational results. And meet the challenges of uncertain future successfully.