Consulting services for Operation Management and advisory

Operations are day to day business activities which converts materials into finished goods of products or services, sell them to market/customers, and generate profit. It is a job or task consisting of one or more elements or subtasks which transforms resources into desired goods and services. Operations vary from business to business. Each business organization has different operations that are carried out by its people.

Examples of operation in context of business are manufacturing operation, quality assurance operation, finance invoicing and billing operation, risk management operation, supply chain operation management, IT operation etc. Greentick provides Business advisory and operation management consulting services for organizations of different fields.

Operation Management- What we do Greentick

Our approach

We serve you on building varieties of operation. While creating operational business strategies one should have thorough understanding of a business concept, its nature, techniques, and challenges. Therefore we carry out operational assessment and provide recommendations to top management accordingly. We ensure ideal feasibility study to develop and implement operational process; and also develop appropriate and satisfactory business strategies corresponding to your business goals and objectives.

Our consulting services include:

  • Firstly, Development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

    Additionally, the development of Standard Operating Procedures services offered at Greentick includes continuous level mapping of procedures and their sub-procedures. It engages different documents settlement procedures such as information sourcing, information extraction/transformation/loading, information attribute reconciliation (automated and manual), breaks recognition, and break resolution. At Greentick, our consultants also design the SOPs to your personalized outline and procedure structures. We at Greentick assure that implementing well-structured SOPs for operation management with our assistance and guidance will also maximize your organization’s value.

  • Secondly, Operational Due Diligence

    When you are planning or in a phase to acquire a new business, then you might want to know about its abilities, procedures, and operational skills of the firm. We at Greentick provide you operation management and Due Diligence experts with in-depth knowledge and experience in the operational structuring and performance improvement field. Further, Our consultants offer intensifying presentations creating insight into operational risks and possible upsides of a transaction.

    We also provide structured, industry-specific approaches that assist you to assess key operational capabilities, risks, and gaps from operations and related technologies. The service also provides you with an opportunity to understand and prioritize your integration strategy for your potential merger or acquisition. Our operations due to diligence recommendations will offer significant input to identify your post-merger operational development proposals.

  • Thirdly, Business Operating model

    At Greentick we assist our clients to resolve some of their toughest operating management and strategic problems. We also go through a structured and robust approach to the strategy development of your organization. In addition, our consulting experts use their knowledge and experience to successfully implement the associated changes to the way of working. Further, our consulting service simply describes how a business will operate at a point in the future.

  • In summary, the main purpose of this offering is to design and create a well-structured business model that will describe the key operational changes required in sufficient detail. It also covers the processes, controls, systems and organization (roles and responsibilities), which is required in order to fulfill the strategic objectives.
  • Finally, Operation Management Strategy

    To begin with, At Greentick the operation management and consulting services are carried out by a specialist and expert consultants. In addition, we provide a specialized pure business strategy, strategic force analysis, strategic planning, and lean manufacturing consulting. Moreover, our service will aim to add real value to your organization; by working with the right operations strategy consulting that will assist your business to operate tremendously; generating more profit and efficiency. Indeed, relying on us will positively create an impact in minimizing waste; and improve product/service quality through the implementation of six sigma and lean initiatives.