Nepal China Agreement greentick

The first  Nepal China Agreement was signed in October 1956 as “Agreement between China and Nepal on Economic Aid”. From the mid-80s, the Chinese Government has been aiding assistance to the Government of Nepal under the Economic and Technical Cooperation Program in order to implement mutually acceptable development projects throughout Nepal. The official visit of Honorable President of the Republic of China, Xi Jinping on October 13-14, 2019 was looked at with the strategic multilateral relationship between Nepal and China that land marked after 23 years. The visit not only increased harmonious diplomatic relations between neighbors but also strengthened the vision of a new era in development.

Nepal  China has signed 18 agreements and two Letters of Exchange focusing on education, tourism, trade, security, border management, areas of connectivity, strengthen law enforcement agencies on information exchanges, disaster management, and prevention capacity building and training, address to climate change, and protect the environment on the leadership of PM KP Sharma Oli of Nepal and  President Xi Jinping of China.

Things Signed in the Agreement

As well, China has pledged the financial assistance of more than 56 Billion NRS. i.e. about $500 million for the development of Nepal. Xi Jinping also assured China’s assistance; the bilateral relationship will lead Nepal to promote as a “Land connected nation” rather than Landlocked Nation. Xi also highlighted the importance of adopting a strategic and long-term perspective and draw up a blueprint for the new ear in the bilateral relationship.

Nepal-China has signed ambitious infrastructures projects such as cross-border railways like 70 km railway connection from Gyiron-Tibet to Kathmandu; Signed Memorandum of Understanding committing to conduct feasibility study of Kathmandu-Pokhara-Lumbini Railway Project; Keyrung- Kathmandu Tunnel; establishment of multifunctional laboratory at Larcha; Reopening and restoration of Khasa/Zhangmu, Open Lizi/Nechung port and optimize the functions of the Jilong/Keyrung. Upgradation and reconstruction of highways like Araniko Highway, Syaprubensi-Rasuwagadi Highway are under priority by Nepal China Agreement. And construction of Kimathanka-Leguwaghat of Koshi Highway is considered as future initiative.

Under the agreement for improvement of local livelihood and stimulate economic growth and prosperity. China will train Human Resources in the field of road, railway, and tunnel engineering, domestic waterways and shipping. China aspired for the establishment of multidisciplinary Madan Bhandari University for Science & Technology and support the improvement of quality of water supply in Kathmandu. Besides these Nepal-China has agreed to support each other on matters of mutual understanding. And further strengthening relational ties, cultural exchanges and cooperation promoting Belt and Road Initiative.

Hence, Nepal should focus on revamping and restructuring the agenda of economic diplomacy. And also, international relations to meet the objectives of Development and Prosperity as Strategic Partners between neighbors.