5-Star Shine Indiscernible to the Government and the Public

5-Star shine business greentick

Indiscernible to The Govt. and The Public

5-Star Shine business spreads over a land of 5 ropanies, estimation of about 138 rooms, parking space for astounding 120 four wheelers and 200 two wheelers; another 5-star hotel was into making in Naxal when suddenly, one Sunday morning in January 2017, the rapid construction was halted.  The reason- road section in between Bhagwati Bahal Temple and Bal Mandir, an orphanage, crumbled down due to extensive digging.
One lane of the road was swallowed and a 25 meters’ deep cavity had formed obstructing the regular vehicular movement in the area. Why did that happen? Public blames the structurally unnecessary deep hole of 2 – 3 storeys dug for foundation of the hotel and the massive use of heavy equipment in the construction for the incident. On the contrary, Road Department has given a clean statement regarding the construction. The pile foundation is in the right place. Proper precautions have been taken and the structures abide by the rules and regulations formulated by Nepal government.

5-star shine business dispute

The hotel is the property of Jagadamba Hospitality group, a subsidiary of Shanker Group which has signed an agreement with Doubletree Hilton management for hotel operations. Hilton Hotels is one of the largest hotel chains in the globe. Furthermore, Miyamoto International, a global structural and earthquake engineering firm, has been appointed for building construction and designs. As per the information published in the company’s website, the multi-national company is planning to build 3 basements levels in the hotel building and the structure will accomplish international building code and standards of both Nepal as well as India.
Shanker Group has already informed Nepal government about the incident and called Indian experts for the field study in order to learn the reasons, possible consequences and ways to avoid the future disasters. Also, the company has clarified that it will be liable for all the damaged public property and will build back the destroyed structures and the public road. Despite such affirmations, the situation became more intense. Public questioned the affects that construction has brought in their locality and since then, has halted the construction.

What future holds for 5-Star shine business hotel?

Now, the question arises – what will happen?  Will the public allow the construction of the 5-star hotel? Will the project be hanging for many years to come till it finally comes to execution? Very much like the Melamchi Khanepani project which is finally being executed (a minute of silence for all destruction and pollution in our capital)? What actions will the government take or should be taking? (The history is the evidence so; we definitely don’t think it will be doing anything any time soon but still a thin ray of hope lingers) What about Compliance of the project?

The reasons may be few about why the construction should not be resumed but there are many more reasons about why it should be resumed right away, without wasting any second, and below are some of them:

  • Employment Generation
  • Development of Infrastructures
  • Multinational exposure: for the nation and nationals
  • Advanced management and strategies
  • Change

The world has more geniuses in the 21st century in comparison to those present in the previous centuries. No one believes anybody simply on the basis of what s/he says. There has to be evidence or some sort of back- up to actually trust what one opines. So, here we provide our logics behind the reasons provided to promptly carry on the project construction.

1. Employment Generation

This is no hidden secret that a 5-star hotel will generate multiple jobs for hundreds of people. Employment opportunities in lower, mid and top levels will be available due to operation of a grand hotel. For example, Taj Hotel of India has been providing 13,000+ jobs to the locals. Likewise, in a country like Nepal where annually thousands of workforces go abroad just in search of better paying jobs, establishment of a luxurious hotel in the home nation itself will undeniably, encourage the deserving candidates and the youth stay back at home, work and deploy their energies in the born – land.
Local manpower for managerial posts, operations, customer service, hospitality and the like provide employment opportunities. The income generation of the local’s upgrade. As the consuming power increase, the life style upgrades as well. This, as a whole, will help in boosting the economy of the nation.

2. Development of Infrastructures

A building of 5-star hotel develops the locality around simultaneously. Proper roads, facilities of drinking water and electricity, security, structural development follows the region.  Establishment of the 5- star hotel alone makes the place a top-notch area in the mindset of people.  In addition to all these, Naxal will have another identity added to its backpack. A 5-star hotel, without a doubt, will be a VIP destination in the town so Naxal will have a grand exposure and an added advantage over the other cities of valley. The more the exposure, the better the opportunities, thus, a much better living.

3. Multi – national exposure: for the nation and nationals

A multi- national project in the home ground is a very good opportunity for us to get international exposure. The 5-star hotel operated by one of the biggest hotel chains in the world will help both our citizens and nation get the exposure we are lacking. The capable citizens will receive chances to showcase their skills, our local products will get better branding and also the tourism is sure to boost up due to access to the global market through this multi – national hotel chain. This all seems surreal while picturing at this moment, but what we need to realize is that nothing in this world is impossible.

4. Advanced management and strategies

Nepal still lags far behind in the field of technology, management & implementing strategies which is not new for us. In such scenario, the establishment of a big hotel which runs under one of the world’s best management is a good way to learn about the global trends in management and technology. We can learn their ways of operation, the various strategies they use in dealing with different situations and of course, the way they work. After we learn, we then can use it in our local businesses as well.

5. Change

Change is the law of nature. Nothing in this universe will ever remain constant. So, we cannot stop change but we can learn to change along with the change. And a new 5-star hotel in Naxal, will bring a huge change in the Naxal area & the nation as well. A new hotel, a new management, a new way of customer service will bring a new flavor in hotel business. A fresh wave of energy is never a bad idea.
We cannot deny the above advantages of having a 5-star hotel. We cannot simply turn a blind eye to the drawbacks too. But what we need to take heed of is – everything comes with a price. Just like the Melamchi Khanepani project covering capital with dust and turning Kathmandu into “Dustmandu”, but we still are happy thinking one day, the dream of getting our thirst quenched will come true. Likewise, if a bit of trouble now brings a better tomorrow, then it is never a bad idea to allow ourselves fly out of our comfort zone.

Scenario in Nepal

So, in the scenario of the Naxal 5-star Shine business hotel construction, it is necessary the publicly realize the importance of the proposed structure and the direct impact it will have upon their locality, their lives and the nation as well. That’s why the government should, encourage such developmental projects that benefit locals. And also, the whole nation economically and financially. But, the quality of the construction must not be compromised.  The government must ensure that protocols and laws are followed and sync with the regulations. After all, if the public is not happy, the development is not worth it.