Organizational Gap Analysis for Business Operation and Performance in Nepal

Business Operation and Performance in Nepal greentick

Business Operation and Performance in Nepal

Business operation and performance in Nepal is a new trend for gap analysis and performance of an organization. Gap analysis assesses and identifies the improvement level that needs to be carried out in order to achieve targeted outcomes. Every organization encounters certain incompetence in their day-to-day operations. In order to reduce those incompetency and gaps occurring in the business process and operation Gap analysis is carried out. An organization benefits from gap analysis, but it is better to focus on business areas/processes which brings quality of improvement.

Any organization as a whole can benefit from gap analysis. However, it may be better off focusing on a few business areas/processes where business will get quality of improvement. The results from gap analysis do not necessarily show actual problem in processes but portrays areas for development. In order to provide more context, here are few specific methods and focus areas for a gap analysis.

Business Operation and Performance

· Manufacturing, shipping, planning, implementing, designing, distributing processes require a gap analysis. Gap analysis does reveal a real issue in processes and provides hints on next move for improving business operation and performance in Nepal.

· Every now and then, organizations launch new product/ services to compete in the market. Gap analysis provides insight on satisfaction level of customers and analyze performance level of business in day-to-day activities. In order to keep themselves ahead in the market, organizations frequently perform gap analysis.

· Gap analysis is a technique used as a self-assessment method. The implementation depends on facts and data from past to present. For example, a member of a sales team analyzes current performance to identify needs regarding additional assistance and training.

· The main objective of the GAP Analysis is to find a room for improvement. This will help an organization to enhance Business operation and performance in Nepal Market and even globally. In order to determine a weakness in business operation and performance in Nepal, organizations need to learn to prioritize resources. Organization needs to provide a reality inspection to compare expectations and reality scenario.

GAP Analysis in an organization operation and performance:

– Point out the current state of the analyzed subject in business operation and performance.

– Formalize your future goals in business performance.

– Identify existing gaps of a company in business operation.

– Compose an improvement plan based on the report.


Gap Analysis delivers a synopsis of a business operation and performance to facilitate in important decision-making process. It processes gap audits in achieving the goals. Conducting gap analysis forces organization to take an honest look at the current state of business and identify the processes stopping organizations to reach desired goals.