Alternative Option for WhatsApp After Recent Controversy

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WhatsApp after recent controversy

A controversial new privacy update has seen WhatsApp users flock to rival messaging apps. Its new Terms of Service includes a data-sharing agreement with Facebook, which prompted widespread condemnation from digital rights and privacy advocates. Under the new terms and conditions, WhatsApp would share mobile device information, IP address, share transaction data and other data. Also it will share how users interact with businesses on WhatsApp and with Facebook group companies putting risk on whatsApp Information security IS Service. But that’s not the real problem as every internet company uses consumer data to make its product better. However, in the case of WhatsApp, it’s their way or highway. The Facebook-owned app sent a notification to all of its 2 billion users forcing them to accept its privacy policy before 15 May 2021, or else lose access to their account.

Alternatives of app to Users

Users see this as an abuse of WhatsApp Information security IS Service and Facebook’s dominant position in the market. And users are moving to other messaging platforms such as Telegram and Signal. Telegram is arguably the most like-for-like messaging app to WhatsApp. Which supports many of the same features and even some extras. With more than 500 million users, Telegram is therefore already a popular and familiar alternative for more privacy-focused users. Signal, far from these two apps uses open-source encryption that allows developers to test it for flaws and find bugs.

In addition, this security comes at the cost of some of the features reinforce by other messaging apps. In meaning it is a bit starker in its appearance and functionality. However, Signal offers arguably the most secure method of communication of any mainstream messaging app. The signal doesn’t store any of its user’s data and Telegram only stores contact info, contacts and user ID only.  Which makes both of them the top contender for swapping out your current message app.

In this digital age of privacy on the internet. It is becoming more and more clear that if there is no product, you and your data are the product. That’s why it’s more important than ever to take our privacy back into our own hands, starting with apps like these.