Management consulting services in Nepal

While rendering required service, we always share our expertise with the client and never holdback our knowledge. We also ensure much participation from the client in making the assignment successful. Not only this, we use different tools within these practices and eventually both of us enjoy the ultimate satisfaction on accomplishing the agreed services.

What we do about us greentick
what we do about greentick

We take quality-driven, proactive and personal approach while consulting on all assignments. Our main objective is to stimulate sustained growth of our clients who trust in our services. For that, we have a team that combines their technical knowledge with a strong professional experience, as well as cooperation with national and international expertise on specific areas. We focus on satisfying our clients by facilitating outstanding consultancy service as per their requirements. With the great vision to be recognized as a benchmark in management consultancy by resolving management issues for sustainability and continuity of our client’s business. Greentick actively provides management consulting services in Nepal but is not limited to.

What We Do On Accounts and Finance Service

Our management consulting services approach in Nepal

We believe that different organizations require different solutions for their problems. From creating business strategies, carrying out the HR consulting service, training the employees, accounting and financial solutions, tax management, IT security, ISO implementation, certification and audit service, to facilitating our clients with all the management operations; we have the right consultants who can provide resolution on these problems with thorough understanding of the business concept and challenges. Our team at Greentick is very proficient and professional to handle any situation of your organization. Instead of rushing to find a solution, our team initially tries to understand the core reason of the problem so that developing solutions becomes easier, reasonable and explainable. In addition, we identify business risks, determine its resolution and provide the recommendations accordingly.

In any business operations, there are three separate key elements named as Policy, Process and Procedure which plays a vital role. Although they are different elements, they are dependent on each other. To facilitate your organization on these three Ps as a consultants, we develop the guidelines for a business, design a high level view of how an organization’s work are carried out, and also create detail instructions from start to end of the business.

Generally, we receive inquiry from our Clients/Business Prospects for any of the following five major requirements.

  • Review of organizational goals, objectives and recommendation on the review
  • Conduct diagnosis of management, organizational process and business related issues
  • Advice on the new ideas/opportunities/proposals
  • Facilitate experts assist in the learning process
  • Facilitate in system implementation, review, check and continual improvement

    We will assist you in management consulting services requirements by:
  • Providing guidance on the required information for the documentation
  • Facilitating domain expert assists in particular work with suggestion
  • Creating business rapport and linkages
  • Facilitating diagnostic review
  • Developing activity plan of organizations
  • Creating organization framework and strategies
  • Arranging and overseeing organization hierarchical changes
  • Facilitating services on training to the high, mid and junior staff level
  • Providing counselling and mentorship program