Imagine a marathon runner, carefully managing their pace, driven by months of training. They have planned every detail, from their running shoes to their hydration strategy. However, halfway through the race, an unexpected downpour forces a detour. The familiar course they have practiced on is now flooded, disrupting the runner’s rhythm. Traditional risk management can […]

Cybersecurity is crucial in a time where connection and digital transformation are defining characteristics. Like many other nations, Nepal is at a turning point where it is imperative to strengthen its cybersecurity measures. The nation must establish effective ways to protect its digital landscape because of the fast spread of digital technologies and the growing […]

Importance of Data Center Importance of data center: As the world is moving towards cloud technology, we hear the term “data center” a lot. Every leading tech company needs the support of data centers. In the context of modern-day technology, it is safe to say that it would be impossible for a tech firm to […]

Why is End-User Security Awareness Training Important in Today’s Digital Age?     Security awareness starts with you. Cyber Security in an organization is possible due to the awareness of end-users. Most cyber threats to the organization happen due to the negligence of end-users. An end-user is an employee who uses the organization’s digital infrastructure […]

  Power of Social Media can be Dangerous Introduction on social media  In modern society, with abundant usage of the internet, social media has drastically uplifted the living standard of people. Communication means such as exchanging photos, and videos, sharing news, and stories, participating in online discussions, and sharing thoughts virtually have been effortless. It […]