Importance of Audit Service in Business Security “Audit service is important and cannot be exaggerate and a good audit service is not only able to clear company issues quickly, but also helps to enhance company system” The word Audit is defined as the on-site verification activity such as examination or inspection of the internal work […]

Business Continuity Management Introduction To operate every small to the large scale of business, Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and its audit is essential. BCP is also called a management process which facilitates organizations to resume or continue operations under adverse or abnormal conditions. Nowadays, a pressing need for Business Continuity Plan has risen to keep […]

A New Paradigm: Industry 4.0 Industry 4.0 refers to a new era of the Industrial revolution focusing strongly on interconnectivity, automation, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence and real-time data. The magnificent changes that can be seen in the manufacturing sector are worth noting because of the impact it had created in its internal operations affecting stakeholders, […]

Application of NLP in business information management Introduction to NLP The acronym for NLP is Neuro Linguistic Programming.  The term can put off people as it seems to be a scientific jargon, but in reality, it’s just a simple tool for effective communication. Neuro refers to Neurology, Linguistic as language (verbal and non-verbal) and programming […]

Significance Of Human Resource Development One of the powerful quotes from Industry Leaders express that a company is only as good as its people. With this saying, one can relate to the fact that every organization, regardless of what business they are into, has their own specific eligibility criteria while recruiting human resources for their […]

Al And Recruitment Introduction Human Resource HR Recruitment and management has been very tough job for most of the organization. As digitization hits and change in technology takes place, new ways of recruiting has begun. Never before in history has the technology evolved as quickly as it is doing right now. In order to keep […]

Human Resource HR Analytics and Audit Introduction to Human Resource HR Analytics and Audit Human Resource HR Analytics and audit is about analyzing an organizations human resource problems through the use of data. Widespread digital and cultural changes in the modern workplace have started to redesign and redefine both the culture of the workplace along […]

Organizational Restructuring Introduction to Organizational Restructuring in Business Management Organizational restructuring in Business management means to re-construct your organizational structure. There has been an increasing trend of large multinational firms seeking external help to streamline their organizational structure in order to optimize functioning. To fully comprehend the reason behind this phenomenon, we must first briefly […]

General Data Protection Regulation Data privacy is a dynamic term which refers to the appropriate management of personal data concerning consent, notice, sensitivity, regulatory concerns and so forth. An organization or regulatory body enforce information security system to handle data privacy concerns. Data Security and Data Privacy are different terms. But, are closely related and […]

Microtransaction management in Gaming Business Microtransaction – An integrated Part of Gaming Industry and Business Since the start of the millennium, microtransactions have been an essential concept in the area of the gaming industry. This phenomenon basically involves small value financial transactions that take place within digital games and apps. It usually involves the direct […]