Business Assets and Information Security Information Security has a crucial role when it comes to protecting information and business assets. It is the protection of information and system including hardware for storing and transmitting the information. As information is valuable to any organization, it needs protection to enable the safe operation of applications implemented in […]

Preparing the Right Business Plan for Seed Capital/SME Loan Right Plan For Business Any business loan application process needs a proper business plan as a key requirement. Preparing the right business plan will assist individuals and entrepreneurs in having a clear roadmap for growth, that is supported by adequate research, financial data, and product strategy. The right […]

Business Continuity Plan BCP During Pandemic Introduction: Business Continuity Plan BCP Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is a document that guides an organization to provide services during an emergency or incident. A BCP and business security during a pandemic is an effort to save businesses from collapsing. The unprecedented pandemic period keeps on coming back with […]

How Technology is Helping in Covid-19 Pandemic Information Technology IT and Security in Pandemic With the rapid increase in corona virus cases, people are not able to leave their homes. Due to which they have been facing many problems in their day-to-day life. Nevertheless, as a result of technology advancements in modern day, it has […]

IS Audit in Nepal! Information System is a working system that is associated with capture, transmit, store, retrieve, manipulate and display of information to its customer, clients, suppliers, employees within an organization. Information Technology is a computerized way of maintaining Information System to make communications faster and increase productivity. As well as efficiency of an […]

IT OUTAGE : Prevention and Measures In recent times, the digital way of getting things done has tremendously increase throughout the world. Prevention and Measures. Nepal is no exception in this matter, extending from Banks, Insurance, Finance to getting Government related jobs accomplished. As an identification Government of Nepal release Nagarik App to provide digital […]

Agriculture 4.0 Background The science and art of cultivating plants and animals is called agriculture. Agriculture in Nepal is crucial to economic growth and prosperity. In 2018, agriculture represented 4% of gross domestic product (GDP). In some non-industrial nations, it can represent over 25% of GDP. Agriculture’s share of global GDP has contracted to 33% […]

HR Scenario in Nepal Background The Human Resource (HR) scenario in Nepal started from the year 2000. Until that period, there was no separate HR department used to exist in organizations generally. When businesses started to have difficulty in dealing with human resource management. They realized that effective management of the human resource is of […]

Banking and Financial Institutions: Key Players in Boosting Up the Economy of Nepal Introduction One of the most important elements to look for in a developing country like Nepal is economic growth. Banking and financial institutions have been major key players in boosting up the economy through the Nepal. It helps in  promoting financial literacy […]

Payment Gateway: Scenario in Nepal Introduction A payment gateway is a merchant service that authorizes and processes credit card or direct payments for online merchants and traditional in-house businesses. It functions as an interface between the merchant’s website and a payment processing bank. The gateway encrypts sensitive transactional detail to ensure that information is passed securely between the customer, the merchant and the acquiring bank. The payment gateway in […]