Consulting for ISO quality management and advisory

An organization’s standard is defined by the ability to provide quality goods or services to its customers. To measure the quality of organizations, ISO 9001 provides an internationally recognized standard for quality management with applicable regulatory requirements and aims to develop customer satisfaction. This internationally recognized standard is considered to apply to any goods or services, created by any procedure anywhere around the globe. In brief today, ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System is the globally acceptable standard that is in use by over 1.2 million organizations. It is considered as an extensive tool for efficient and profitable operation. It also assists organizations in implementing a structure for reliable goods and services, procedures with consistent performance, and constant development towards long-term customer satisfaction.

Quality Management System ISO-9001-2015

Benefits of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems to the organizations:

ISO consultancy
  • It provides competitive advantage
  • Manages business risk
  • Develops business performance
  • Increases brand reputations, draws investment and eliminates barrier to trade
  • Decreases waste and simplifies operations
  • Elevates morale and support internal communications
  • It enhances customer satisfaction

Our service

We, at greentick, provide consultancy services to organizations that require assistance in developing a custom-made Quality Management System (QMS). We also look forward to assisting clients who want to obtain certification from a recognized certifying institution that will ultimately enhance and upgrade the competitiveness of their organizations. As a matter of fact, Our expertise provides you with advisory in value-added consulting, training, and certification services concerning the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. We also implement a process approach strategy that incorporates risk-based thinking and Plan-Do-Check-Act, which will assist in understanding the organization’s core procedure.

ISO consultancy

What We Do On ISO Services

We at greentick, provide a distinct and internationally established implementation method for ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System service and certification.

  • Internal, process, product and supplier audits
  • Awareness training
  • Gap Analysis
  • Design Development
  • Implement and Improve
  • Pre-assessment
  • Assessment and Review, and then
  • Certification audit

Our main motive is to help you understand and implement Quality Management System (QMS) necessities, at the same time making sure that your agenda continues effortlessly, from administrative assurances to current process management.