Consulting on business operation strategy and advisory
The rapidly changing global trends and ground-breaking technologies has caused new challenges and opportunities for the business operations to improve. Due to the fluctuating landscapes and changes in operation, moving beyond the role of cost-effectiveness is also becoming a source of competitive advantage. Therefore, Business Operation strategy plays an essential role that involves processing and identifying an organization’s business strategy, developing strategic initiatives, and operational plan. Consequently, Businesses can perform better and achieve much more on aligning people, processes, and assets with the help of operation strategy consulting.
Consulting the experts will also assist organizations to specialize in devising operational and business strategies to solve operational, supply chain, and efficiency problems. Furthermore, Operational strategy consulting also adopts techniques and concepts on operations management, supply chain management, and lean manufacturing to solve various problems within industries.

Our Services
To begin with, At Greentick the business operation strategy advisory and consulting services are carried out by a specialist and expert consultants. In addition, We provide a specialized pure business strategy, strategic force analysis, strategic planning, and lean manufacturing consulting. Moreover, Our service will aim to add real value to your organization by working with the right operations strategy consulting that will assist your business to operate tremendously generating more profit and efficiency. Indeed, Relying on us will positively create an impact in minimizing waste and improve product/service quality through the implementation of six sigma and lean initiatives.

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Nevertheless, At greentick, we provide operating strategy consulting and projects for:

  • Production waste and downtime improvements
  • Lean initiatives
  • Logistic networks
  • Capacity planning and capital and expenditure projects
  • Capacity utilization and capacity management
  • Production planning and line balancing
  • Warehousing and inventory management
  • Service/Product quality management, and also six sigma initiatives
  • Production and inventory cost control
  • Supply chain management
  • Facilities management
  • General and administrative operations
  • Enterprise performance improvements
  • Customer operations and then
  • Finally, Sourcing and procurements

Apart from the above mentioned services we also offer cost optimization, monitoring operations outsourcing, and coordinating shared functions to high-end operational strategies such as service/product design, pricing strategy to STP analysis. In brief, At Greentick we provide the best operational strategy consulting service that you can rely on.