Consulting service for due diligence and advisory
The Merger and Acquisition activities are sharply increasing as organizations are mostly focusing on operational matters. It is the process implemented during Merger and Acquisition activities. It has a precise focus that provides information to the potential buyer regarding insight on operational performance. The purchaser also assesses the operational activities concerning a strategic plan and operational due diligence. It also provides clear recognition of the organization’s current operational activities, risk, and a strategy for future operational capability and growth.
The Operation Due Diligence (ODD) consulting service mostly focuses on the industrial activities that have a wide range of operational risk across the organization. Moreover, Activities that OOD focus are regulatory compliance, the funds, information technology, operations and accounting, administrator, valuation, and service providers.

Our Services
When you are planning or in a phase to acquire a new business, then you might want to know about its abilities, procedures, and operational skills of the firm. We at Greentick provide you Operational Due Diligence service and advisory experts with in-depth knowledge and experience in the operational structuring and performance improvement field. Further, Our consultants offer intensifying presentations creating insight into operational risks and possible upsides of a transaction.
We also provide structured, industry-specific approaches that assist you to assess key operational capabilities, risks, and gaps from operations and related technologies. The service also provides you with an opportunity to understand and prioritize your integration strategy for your potential merger or acquisition. Our operations due to diligence recommendations will offer significant input to identify your post-merger operational development proposals.

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Our Operational Due Diligence mostly focuses on areas such as:

  • Management Capability
  • Sourcing & Procurement
  • Sales, Inventory & Operations Planning (SIOP)
  • IT Systems
  • Logistics & Transportation Optimization
  • Manufacturing & Distribution Footprint
  • Manufacturing Productivity
  • Asset Optimization & Maintenance, and then
  • Finally, Product Development & Product Lifecycle Management

To conclude, at greentick we use a methodology to quickly assess and target organization operating performance, quantify improvement opportunities and outline plans to produce results. This methodology will assist to identify both healthy and under-performing companies, on behalf of investors and advisers during due diligence on M&A transactions, or during the normal course of business when executives need help prioritizing improvements.