Consulting service for business operation model and advisory
In todays globalized world with the upgrade towards industry 4.0 a business operating model plays an essential role in most industries. In brief, It determines the way organizations will operate to implement strategy, by aligning people, processes, and technology. on the contrary, If the strategy is what, the operating model is how. Due to which, This specific consulting service will understand your business strategy and define the targeted business processes.
For instance of most organizations, building a strategically aligned, “fit for purpose” business operating model has become an indefinable goal. And then a well-structured model determines behavior, workflow, and process design, IT decisions, and investment decisions. It is also a connection involving strategic direction set by leadership and a roadmap of revolutionizing programs to establish new business activities, services, behaviors, and results.

Our Services
At greentick we assist our clients to resolve some of their toughest operating and strategic problems. We also go through a structured and robust approach to the strategy development of your organization. In addition, Our consulting experts use their knowledge and experience to successfully implement the associated changes to the way of working. Further, Our consulting service simply describes how a business will operate at a point in the future.
In summary, the main purpose of this offering is to design and create a well-structured business model that will describe the key operational changes required in sufficient detail. It also covers the processes, controls, systems and organization (roles and responsibilities), which is required in order to fulfill the strategic objectives.

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At greentick our advisory service on business operation model projects go through our wide-ranging library of the procedure and efficient models straddling the entire industry value chain. We can also assist you to quickly design and create the type of business model you want.

We deliver services under the following approaches:

  • Understand your strategy, products, and services
  • Business process model
  • Target functional model
  • Controls: preventive and detective
  • People: roles & responsibilities
  • Technology services and target architecture
  • Implementation roadmap: units of change, estimates, and costs
  • Detailed business case
  • Taking out the cost and simplifying their business, and then
  • Finally, Implementing a new core IT system

Our approach towards creating a solution to the client’s operating model isn’t science but a well-structured and disciplined, underpinned by key concepts, and guided by your business’ vision and strategy.