Consulting as business feasibility advisory in Nepal
A business feasibility study is a vital step if you are having an idea in order to develop a project or a new process within your existing business. It actually determines the proposed project is legally and technically feasible as well as economically justifiable. At the time of the study, we also examine these major five areas. Firstly, In technical feasibility, we determine if resources meet capacity and if the technical experts convert the proposed project into a systematic process. Secondly, During economic analysis, a cost-benefit analysis will be carried out to ascertain the viability and benefits associated with the proposed project. Greentick provides business feasibility study service and advisory service in Nepal.

On the other hand, For legal area, we ascertain whether the proposed idea conflicts with legal requirements. And then, We also focus on the degree to which the business goal is met by fulfilling the proposed idea, which is an operational analysis and finally, of course, accurate scheduling determines how much time it will take to accomplish the proposed project. Not only these extents, during the study we identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threat so it actually assesses the practicality of the proposed project.

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From the above, you can feel the significance of conducting a feasibility study, which in fact is based upon the investor desire to make the proposed project correct before committing needed resources. But, A feasibility study might detect new things that could completely change the proposed idea. Therefore, we would always recommend making these determinations in advance, rather than to jump directly into that idea and realize that it will not work out.

In addition, if you opt for a feasibility study, it will give you a clear picture of the proposed project. It provides you with valuable reasons whether to proceed or not to proceed further in this regard. In reality, it assists you to identify a valid reason to undertake what you have thought. It helps to discover new opportunities as well as facilitates decision-making on the proposed project.