Consulting for tax management service and advisory
The environment for tax is rapidly transforming, and frequently requires administrators to manage it. The increasing challenge with tax management has raised complex issues for companies. From handling and optimizing an organization’s efficient tax rate to handling the organization’s tax risks, the tax functions role has developed. Managing tax risk and reputational matters are elevated on everyone’s agenda, as the approach of various governments, shareholders, and boards of directors to tax are transforming. Handling tax planning and responsibilities for tax matters are becoming more intricate due to the growing demand of the global environment. With the help of consulting, technology, and outsourcing expertise organizations can cope with the difficulties of tax operations.

Our Services
We, at greentick, offer advisory service on quality tax management and taxation suggestions for various types of organizations. Our tax management consulting services are organized to make sure that our clients attain the objective of paying the exact amount of tax they need to pay. At the same time, we also offer support services to help our clients with their tax returns, calculations, and payments. At greentick, our qualified experienced consultants can be your tax department or work with your tax department to develop an enhanced inside visibility over tax policies, governance, and tax payments.

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What We Do on Tax Consulting Services

Our Tax consulting services include:

  • Filing of VAT Return and Income Tax Return
  • Paying of TAX and Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Dealing with tax officials
  • Assisting in tax planning and reduction
  • Working on tax management, consulting, regulations & compliance related to corporate & business tax
  • Working on capital gain tax, personal tax, and withholding tax
  • Providing tax audit services and tax due diligence
  • Establishing the most tax-efficient formation for your business
  • Minimizing tax on acquisitions and disposals
  • Maximizing the use of tax allowances and reliefs
  • Working on tax-effective remuneration strategies, and then
  • Finally, Retaining more profit or extracting more value

Our recognized teams of tax specialist consultants provide you a complete incorporated tax management consulting service to meet your business requirements along with minimizing tax liabilities.